Unwed Mom Accepts Fr. Obach’s Apology

 Unwed Mom Accepts Fr. Obach’s Apology

In a report by Cebu Daily News, the 17-year-old unwed mother whom Fr. Obach  allegedly humiliated last Sunday for bringing her newborn son to baptism said she has accepted his apology and wants to move on.




the teenage mom said:

“Mu-eskwela nako next sem. Dili ko ganahan na mahasol ko sa akong pag eskwela. Napasaylo na nako siya. Okay nako na. Pareha mi nakat-on sa nahitabo,” said the young mother who was cradling her newborn son in the small tin-roof house where her family lives in Mandaue City.

(I’ll go back to school next semester. I don’t want this to burden my studies. I’ve forgiven him. I’m OK with this. We’ve both learned something from what happened.)

This handwritten letter by Fr. Obach was read by the 17-year-old mother yesterday…


“Allow me to express my deep regret for the painful action I’ve done to all of you and those who witnessed it. I had no intention of saying that in front of all of you. I deeply regret this and I beg you to forgive me for what I did last July 6, 2014 in the chapel of the Sacred Heart,” translated from Cebuano to English by cebudailynews.inquirer.net


Both the unwed mom and Fr. Obach have yet to meet face to face.

Here’s a video about Fr. Obach’s apology:



According to Inquirer.net, despite the issue being  softened by the apology, the high priest of Cebu said such “shameful” acts should never be done again. Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma told INQUIRER.net that he does not condone the episode of Fr. Romeo Obach when the he berated a young single mom during her child’s baptism.


Reports say that Obach’s parish has sanctioned him by banning him temporarily from giving sacraments.


Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma said, “As a bishop of Cebu I share the sentiments of the community. Such incidents should not be repeated again.”

Obach is set to meet with Archbishop Palma on Thursday.

As one of the countless netizens who was outraged after seeing the video, my initial reaction was……


But yeah, good thing Fr. Obach already apologized to the public and the family. Personally, I think he was lucky to be forgiven by the family of the unwed mom. We all do make mistakes and even priests and other role models can make a whole bunch of mistakes as well, as part of being human. The only thing is that, we people, expect much from our religious (as well as political) leaders, so they should be very aware of the results of their words and actions.  Again, it’s good that forgiveness has been granted and I wish that both parties get the peace they all deserve.



Do you think that temporarily banning Fr. Obach  from giving sacraments is enough punishment?

We would love to hear your thoughts.



 Unwed Mom Accepts Fr. Obach’s Apology

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