Ultimate Island Hopping Experience in Coron, Palawan

Summer is here in the Philippines! And it’s the perfect time to visit the last frontier of the country, Palawan! See for yourself the beauty of one of the famous attractions in Palawan that is Coron island! What better way to see the majestic islands than to go for an island hopping adventure! Here are some of the spots you must visit when in Coron.

Kayangan Lake

The famous Kayangan lake is the top visited island is Coron. On your way here, you’ll see this famous view of the sea and clusters of islands.



But the lake is the real gem.



Check out the crystal clear waters!


You can go snorkeling and fish feeding in Kayangan Lake. The lake water is simply refreshing!


Twin Lagoon

Here’s another spot to visit during island hopping! The water in Twin Peaks is very calm. It’s composed of 70%  fresh water and 30% salt water. While swimming in the lagoon, you can see how the salt water combines with the fresh water.



It feels peaceful in this spot and it’s definitely a good place to enjoy the view of the towering rocks while floating around in the cool water.



Banol Beach

During your island hopping trip, you will stop over the beautiful Banol Beach for your lunch.



Check out this wonderful white sand beach! It feels like I can stay here forever.



Now, it’s time for a delicious seafood meal, the perfect addition to the ultimate island hopping experience! Yum!


Coral Garden

After lunch and some rest, we’re off to the next stop: Coral Garden! The coral garden boasts a vast sanctuary of corals from shallow to deep waters which makes it a great spot for snorkeling activities. Snorkel away!








Twin Peaks

We continued snorkeling on our last stop which is the Twin Peaks. For me, this is the best stop for fish feeding because they are everywhere! Schools of fish will build up in front of you if you feed them some bread or your leftover rice. Always a good experience, especially in Coron!



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So this summer, make sure to book a trip to Coron and let Ultimate Coron Experience take you to paradise!

Ultimate Coron Experience

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