“U guys look goofy” – Bella Hadid shames NYPD police for not wearing masks

Supermodel Bella Hadid took to her Instagram stories one night in New York to capture photos of police officers who were not maintaining social distance orders nor were they following the mandate to wear masks. In one photo, she says “U guys look goofy” with arrows pointing at the three policemen. In the next Instagram story photo, she’s seen holding up her middle finger towards a group of police officers with the caption “hi @nypd masks are for all of our safety, not just urs… :)” In both photos, she herself is wearing a mask.

The Instagram stories were eventually posted on Twitter where it went viral. People began to agree with Hadid, saying that the police should be an example to their people, especially if they espouse that they want to serve and protect them. Others criticized Hadid and said her actions were uncalled for. Either way, we’re all for safety here, hopefully we all learn to put everyone over our own comfort and wear a mask.

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