Twins Separated at Birth Reunited Through the Power of Tiktok

In a twist of fate a la Parent Trap, twin sisters who have been apart from each other were reunited, thanks to TikTok.

According to a report from Jakarta Post, Trena and Treni were separated when they were 2 months old after their parents Enceng Dedi and Enok Rohenah entrusted Treni to neighbors. At that time, the family participated in the Indonesian government’s transmigration program, which let them move from West Java to Ambon, Maluku province. When both children were born in 1996, a local elder told the parents that raising both children would result in death. Thus, Dedi asked their neighbors Rini and Misranto to raise Treni for them.

But when a violent conflict between religious communities occurred during the year 1999, Dedi and his family moved back to his hometown in Tasikmalaya, West Java. On the other hand, Treni and her foster family moved to Malang, East Java. She then lost contact with her birth parents. When Treni’s name was changed to Treni Fitri Yana, it became much harder for her biological parents to find her.

Until a neighbor who recognized Treni on TikTok showed the clip to Trena, that is.

Photo from Treni Fitriyana

Photo from Treni Fitriyana

“I have TikTok but the video wasn’t from me. My neighbor also didn’t know that the woman wasn’t me, she just wanted to praise me for the great dance,” Trena said.

Thus, Trena showed the clip to her father. It was then that he admitted that she had a twin sister who was separated from her when they were babies. After apologizing for keeping it a secret, he also explained that he couldn’t take care of his twin daughters while his wife was in the hospital.

“When they were babies, they were sickly. Then I was given (the) advice to separate the two, so I did that,” Dedi said.

Treni then immediately reached out to Treni and arranged a get-together. And on October 21, the twin sisters and their families were officially reunited in Tasikmalaya, West Java. You can watch the heartwarming reunion here:

Treni’s TikTok account has thousands of followers, while her YouTube channel with over 40,000 subscribers. Since 2014, she has hit nearly 9 million total views on said YouTube account.

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