TWICE’s Mina May Be Kept From Group Activities Due To Her Health Condition

TWICE star Mina has officially been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, according to a statement made by the group’s agency JYP Entertainment. She had previously pulled out of TWICE’s world tour, TWICELIGHTS, due to ‘extreme anxiety’ though no exact diagnosis had been given yet. An update from JYP Entertainment disclaims that this means Mina may be missing some activities and performances.

Mina TWICE pulls out of TWICE LIGHTS tour

The label’s statement reads:

We notify you with an additional update regarding Mina’s health condition.

After receiving several examinations from medical experts, we have confirmed that Mina’s current health condition can be identified as anxiety disorder.

The biggest symptom to note regarding this illness is that the individual can suffer severe periods of anxiety without warning, whether it be continuously or sporadically; furthermore, the severity of these anxiety spells can also fluctuate suddenly and spontaneously.

Due to such unpredictable symptoms, we are currently discussing the possibility of Mina’s participation in schedules with the individual as well as with the TWICE members in order to reach a decision. In addition, we notify that Mina’s participation in promotional schedules will be determined objectively on the grounds that Mina feels capable in her health condition, and so please understand that her participation will be limited and selective.

We will continue to do our best to ensure Mina recovers her health. We ask for fans’ abundant support and encouragements.

Fans immediately reacted with care and concern, making the hashtags #GetWellSoonMina and #WeLoveYouMina trend on Twitter. Though many were undoubtedly disappointed to hear Mina’s appearances with the rest of TWICE would be inconsistent they were able to prioritize her well-being over their own concerns.

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