10 Tsokolate Shops for Delectable Hot Chocolate at Home

Now that the breeze is colder and it rains almost every single day, it’s the perfect weather for sweaters, cozy blankets, and delightful hot chocolate drinks.

While we can’t visit our favorite cafes for a hot cup of rich chocolate, we can definitely enjoy it in the comforts of our home. Yes, you can easily make cafe-worthy hot chocolate all by yourself!

The secret is to choose the right chocolates (or chocolate mixes) for your DIY hot chocolate. You can get your local chocolate and hot chocolate mixes from these local brands and conveniently enjoy a hot mug in your cozy home:

10. Tablea de Oro


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Tablea de Oro is a local chocolate brand that has been producing pure cacao tableas since 1990. They take pride in creating tableas from 100% cacao beans that have been roasted, grounded, melted, and molded into ready-to-use tablets.

Their tableas are also extremely versatile in the kitchen, usable even for savory sauces and Pinoy dishes.

The pack of 10 tableas is at PHP 200.

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9. Theo & Brom

Theo & Brom is an innovative brand that created a beautiful combination of Belgian chocolates and Philippine cacao beans—the Belgian Tableya.

If you’re a fan of both Belgian and Philippine chocolates, then this brand is a must-try.

They’ve also created a jar of rich tableya goo which is a lot easier to use for hot chocolate because it’s basically already melted. Just add a spoonful (or more) in hot milk and you’ve got a cup of deliciously rich hot chocolate.

The Goo Goo Jar is at PHP 599/240 mL.

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8. Cocoa Monster

Cocoa Monster is a local brand that has been in the industry for already a few decades. They’re known for offering not just pure tableas, but also ready-to-eat chocolates and chocolate-dipped local delicacies such as dried mangoes and bananas.

Some Cocoa Monster products were also spotted being given as gifts to K-Drama stars Hyun Bin and Park Shin-Hye.

You can get Cocoa Monster’s Pure Tablea at PHP 105/pack.

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PS. They’re also on Shopee and Lazada!

7. 1919 Chocolate

1919 Chocolate is an award-winning local chocolate brand that’s run by a husband-and-wife team with a 100-year-old family farm (thus, the name).

They take pride in creating tree-to-bar chocolate, with the whole production process starting literally from the ground up! This meticulous and careful process definitely paid off because they’ve just recently won two prestigious awards from the Academy of Chocolate 2021.

If you want to enjoy some award-winning hot chocolate, then you should definitely try some from 1919 Chocolate.

Their pack of 100% Premium Tablea starts at PHP 180.

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6. Ben’s Blend


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Ben’s Blend is a local brand of artisan chocolate that produce their products in small products to ensure that you only enjoy the best of the best.

They’ve got a variety of cacao products created from locally sourced cacao beans. Aside from their pure tablea that would be perfect for your hot chocolate, they also have salted caramel dark chocolate bonbons and a champorado kit!

If you’re not in the mood for some hot chocolate, you can also try their Cold Tsokolate drink or the Roasted Cacao Husk Milk Tea.

You can get their Premium Tablea starting at PHP 150.

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PS. They’re also on Shopee!

5. Auro Chocolate

Auro has been one of the more recognizable brands when it comes to locally-made chocolates. They’ve got a wide variety of products and even a number of collaborations with other local brands, proving how versatile their products can be.

One of our writers also notes: “This bean-to-bar company directly and sustainably sources its beans from Mindanao farming partners and pays them at a much higher value to not only inspire quality but to also give them the opportunity to improve their standard of living.”

You can get their 100% Cacao Unsweetened Tablea at PHP 705/kg.

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PS. They’re also on Shopee and Lazada!

BONUS: Powdered Mixes and Ready-to-Drink Hot Chocolate

4. Xocolat


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If you miss the rich hot chocolate from the iconic Xocolat Cafe in Katipunan, their powdered hot chocolate mixes are the next best thing. Just mix it with hot milk and you’ve got a mug of familiar hot chocolate in your hands.

They’ve got a variety of hot chocolate flavors that can tickle your tastebuds this cold season. Try their Old Fashioned Cacao and Dark Chocolate!

One tin can of their Cacao is at PHP 395.

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3. Sweet Bella

Sweet Bella is an award-winning dessert and pastry shop, and a lot of people have been recommending their hot chocolate powdered mix, too.

Of course, if they’ve been in the business of making people happy through sweet treats, then they can most definitely make a mean mug of rich hot chocolate. It’s perfect to partner with their desserts, too!

You can get their Hot Chocolat for pHP 550/can.

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2. Mary Grace Cafe

Miss hanging out with your friends at Mary Grace Cafe? You can also enjoy their iconic hot chocolate in the comforts of your home without any effort.

Their Hot Chocolate is now available to order in a bottle. Talk about restaurant dining at home!

The Mary Grace Hot Chocolate in a Bottle is available for PHP 350.

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1. NonproCook

NonproCook is an online shop that went viral thanks to their Flan de Queso or Leche Flan Cheesecake. Now, they’re also offering bottled Dark Tsokolate drinks! If you’re a certified dark chocolate lover, then this is for you.

The Dark Tsokolate drink is made out of Malagos cacao chocolate from Davao. We just love how this bottled drink makes indulgence super effortless.

Check out NonproCook on social media:

What’s your favorite local tsokolate brand? Share it with us!

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Featured photo from Sweet Bella and Tablea de Oro