Tsoknat Bags: Your Must Have For a Carrie Bradshaw Moment

WHEN IN MANILA, there’s just something about Carrie Bradshaw that makes every woman want to be just like her. After all, it’s hard to stay fashionable and funky at the same time yet she manages to pull that look off effortlessly. No wonder Mr. Big, Aidan, and the rest of the New York men and women can’t get enough of Carrie’s fabulousness.


Premiering when I was only 4 years old, I’ve been catching up on Sex and the City since the Christmas break. Even though 90’s fashion is not exactly the “in” thing now, I think being fierce, fashionable, and funky like Carrie Bradshaw will forever be timeless. Lucky for me and you, When In Manila readers, I know just the thing to put the funky back in you and me.


Tsoknat Bags, an online shop, has Carrie Bradshaw written all over the bags. With their funky and one-of-a-kind pieces, you’ll feel fabulous in no time. And the best part about Tsoknat Bags? No two bags are ever the same! Now tell me, how cool is that? Among all of the unique Tsoknat Bags, here are two of my favorites.










I love hobo bags! I swear by them especially with those shop till I drop moments I have which I must say happens all the time. This Tsoknat Bags creation is glamorous and spacious but that studded heart makes me love it a bit more than my others hobos.










Remember that Fendi Baguette bag that made Carrie Bradshaw the most fabulous TV icon next to Blair Waldorf? Well this Tsoknat Bag is my version of Carrie’s Fendi Baguette. It’s zebra print, cute, and the purple bow on the flap? Fabulous!


So what are you waiting for funky When In Manila readers? If you want a one-of-a-kind bag that will literally turn heads or if you want Carrie Bradshaw’s fabulousness rubbing on your shoulders, check out Tsoknat Bags WHEN IN MANILA.







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Tsoknat Bags: Your Must Have For a Carrie Bradshaw Moment