Truly Rich Singles Conference: Take Charge of Your Financial Life While You’re Still Single

Each of us dreams of a financially stable future. We all wish that someday soon, we will no longer be needing to count if the money in our pockets is enough for the dinner we’re having, or for the outing we’re attending. Many are able to achieve this security later in life, while others continue to struggle not knowing where they went wrong.

“Have you noticed? A lot of married people around you are suffering financially. Their stress level is sky high because of their money problems. They’re worried sick, not knowing what to do, because of their mounting bills. They want to send their kids to good schools but don’t have the money to do so. And worse, their credit cards are maxed out. And almost all their marital fights is caused by or worsened by the lack of money. Why did this happen? Because when they were singles, they didn’t work on their financial life. If you’re single, I’m talking to you…Don’t make the same terrible mistake.”

This coming October 17, don’t miss on the Truly Rich Club’s Singles Conference and learn some tips and tricks on how you can be more financially stable today.

Truly Rich SIngles



The Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez will hold a Singles Conference on Saturday, October 17 2015 from 8:30 am to 5:30pm for all single men and women. This event that will be held in Heritage Hotel, Pasay City, will help all participants learn how to take charge of their financial life while they are still single.


During the event, singles will hear from amazing speakers that will help and guide them on their journey to achieve their financial goals. Topics such as business, investments, marketing, passion and generosity will be discussed.


During the event, attendees will also learn the following:

  1. You’ll discover the inner obstacles that block your growth towards wealth
  2. You’ll learn the process of crafting “huge” financial goals, opening your minds on becoming truly rich.
  3. You’ll learn how to start building your wealth via the stock market, by investing regularly on the right companies, and participate in it’s growth
  4. You will discover the entrepreneur inside you, and start to monetize your passion.
  5. You’ll learn how to do marketing and successfully selling your product
  6. You’ll learn on how to become a best-selling author, and bless the world through your story
  7. You’ll learn to be more confident in your communication and public speaking skills.
  8. You’ll learn the importance of the habit of generosity and giving back to the community, and it’s impact to your overall success and happiness.


The Truly Rich Singles Conference is a great opportunity for all singles to diagnose their current financial health status, find abundant opportunities and encourage them to look forward on their future.


For more information and to register for this event, you may visit https://trulyrichclub.com/singlesconference/ or you may email Meann at beaconlightevents+seminar@gmail.com or call Aps at +639178533693.