Tripkada Travel Meetup

By Tripkada Team


Despite the rainy forecast, participants made a way to attend the Tripkada Travel Meetup last Wednesday (June 14, 2017) at acceler8 111 Paseo.

There were over 60 guests that participated in the event. They were served with ice-cold beer, wine, delicious and hot pizza, Vivo Lumio merchandise, and a seat to the exclusive film-showing of Tawi-Tawi. Host Iana Salazar emceed the event.


Tripkada CEO April Cuenca started the program with an introduction about Gabby Malvar on his influence as an advocate and how the collaboration between The Extra Mile Productions was formed.

Winners of LifeProof

Before the exclusive film viewing, guests who participated and won the games had prizes from LifeProof and Tripkada.

Sponsors such as Acceler8 and Vivo Lumio were given the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the guests.

Afterwards, the trailer was shown to hype up the crowd and then the main event: a documentary about Tawi-Tawi, its gems, hidden wonders, and beautiful people, all captured through the eyes of The Extra Mile Productions and Jacob Maentz.

Gabby Malvar

When the documentary was done, the participants had the chance to ask their questions to the producer behind the documentary, namely, Gabby Malvar. He shared his experience on how it gave an impact in his life. The trip transpired into a personal advocacy to him and the team. The main objective was to capture Tawi- Tawi, but unknowingly, Malvar admitted that it was the place that captured them.

Upcoming sneak peak travel videos of Samar, Pangasinan, and Bolinao that is produced by The Extra Mile were also shown.

Besides Tawi – Tawi, other documentaries about various places in the Philippines were shown such as Samar, Pangasinan, Bolinao that was produced by The Extra Mile Productions as well.

For interested travelers who want to book a Tawi-Tawi trip, feel free to contact our team at Tripkada!

Tripkada Travel Meetup: Exploring the Wonders of The Philippines


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