Travelon has Stepped Up Their Game with More Stylish Designs for Travelers

Travelon Bags

Travelon’s new collection of anti-theft bags

If you’re a travel junkie, you’re probably already a big fan of Travelon. Since 1978, the brand has been providing travelers with every travel essential imaginable, from packing organizers to anti-theft bags. This year, Travelon opened its very first physical store and with that, we noticed that their designs are more stylish than ever. No need to compromise style for functionality because, with Travelon’s new designs, you can have both!

Wallets and Card Holders

There are lots of beautiful and OOTD-worthy wallets out there, but not all of them can cater to all of your travel needs. Travelon offers all kinds of wallets, pouches, card holders, and passport holders. All of these come in various designs, depending on what suits your lifestyle and outfit better!

Travelon Bags

Travelon offers a variety of wallets you can choose from

The best thing about these essentials? Most of them come with an RFID reader blocker to protect your credit card information from being stolen! Where else can you get a wallet that’s not only perfect for your Instagram feed, but also keeps your identity protected?

Anti-Theft Bags

Travelon has long been known for their anti-theft bags but, let’s face it: their old designs didn’t really make much of a statement. Just like your shoes, your bag can make or break your outfit. With Travelon’s new designs, you no longer have to choose security over style because you can have both!

Travelon Bags

It’s both pretty and sturdy!

Whether you’re looking for a backpack for your next hiking trip or a classy handbag that will easily match all your outfits, Travelon has got you covered. You don’t even have to be traveling! These babies are fashionable enough to use on a lunch date or a night out.

Travelon Bags

Head out to Travelon now. You might just find the perfect bag for your next adventure!


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