Travel More and Worry Less: Always Bring the Smart Life with You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Are you planning to travel to Tokyo before the year ends? Or are you contemplating because you might miss out some work emails while traveling?  Are you worried about your stunning images captured in Eiffel Tower that you can’t post them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter real-time?

Don’t fret as gone are the days when you need to be at a place with strong Wi-Fi just to answer some work emails, post your stunning images in Instagram and hail Uber ride to arrive on time.

Smart Surf Abroad 550 FB


With Smart – country’s leader in mobile – you can now travel more and worry less with Smart Surf Abroad 550.

With Smart Surf Abroad 550, you can make the most of your overseas getaways and experience the Smart Life in over 110 countries– the widest data roaming network for Filipino travelers.  Enjoy a worry-free data roaming experience with its automatic registration and network lock feature.

But wait, there’s more!

Smart Surf Abroad 550 has now automatic registration, this means that you just have to turn on your mobile data setting and you can enjoy your connectivity at your destination.  So, goodbye special codes and definitely no need to register via text or call the hotline!  Once the service is active, expect to get a timely notification, though, so you’re updated with your subscription.

Tina Mariano Smart Surf 550

Tina Mariano (middle), Global Access and International Services head at Smart said, “Nowadays, mobile Internet – or the lack of it – can make or break our vacation abroad, what with the many practical mobile apps and valuable information available online – from news, weather, navigation, flight schedules, and accommodation to must-have apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.”

She also added that “aside from expanding our coverage from 57 countries last year to over 110 countries now, we have also enhanced Surf Abroad 550 to be a lot easier, convenient and totally bill shock-free.”

Furthermore, “there’s no doubt Surf Abroad 550 has got to be one of your top travel essentials to have a truly awesome trip and take the Smart Life experience abroad,” said Mariano.

Surf Abroad 550 is also powered by network-lock technology, which automatically steers and locks your phone onto Smart’s roaming partner networks, eliminating the hassle of having to manually select every time. With this feature in place, you won’t have to worry about incurring unwanted charges and “bill shock” when you return from your vacation.

It is available to all Smart Postpaid subscribers for only P550 per day.

For more information on this new offer, visit smart.com.ph/roam.

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