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You can take any class of your choice. Just don’t forget to sign up early because the number of attendees are limited and classes tend to build up fast.  The agreements and commitments are solely based on trust and passion that both the students and teachers will be present on the said date. A volunteer comes in every class to facilitate, as well as join the classes for free.


Trade School Manila Class Locations


The companies below are Trade School Manila’s partners and sponsors that provide avid locations for the classes. If you own a place or know someone who does, you can also partner up with Trade School. Just contact them for details. So far, there are no kitchens or rooms for dance classes yet. Those would be most welcome!

Chemworld Fragrance Factory (Makati Avenue, Makati)

co.lab xchange (Brixton,Pasig)

 Commune Cafe and Resto  (Salcedo Village, Makati)

The Midnight Owl Snack Cafe (Diliman, Quezon City)

Trade School Manila 2


Attending a Class at Trade School Manila


I had butterflies in my stomach when I attended my first class. It was a Photoshop class by Miguel, who was a fresh graduate of Multi-Media Arts of Saint Benilde. I found the topic irresistible because I am involved in editing photos for my articles as as blogger. A photoshop class outside would cost me around 1,000 pesos to 2,500 pesos. Here, it only took me a couple of hundred pesos in Gift Cards. Like the other six students in the class, I didn’t know what to expect.

The two hours were spent discussing different tools of Adobe Photoshop and editing a sample photo on our laptops. In the end, we also had an activity where we had to choose a photo that we wanted to edit and then worked in two groups. It was a fun and interactive class. 

A student for a day of TradeSchool Manila, Joanne, following the teacher's step by step process on her own laptop.

Photoshop Class for TradeSchool Manila


Teaching for Trade School Manila


Contrary to when I attended, I was not nervous at all to teach. I was in my comfort zone, talking about something that I am confident about and knowing that I will be helping other people out.

I talked about Wedding Planning and had four attendees. The students were all kind and sweet. We laughed through the games and took a girly photo shoot afterwards. We also watched several Same Day Edit Wedding Videos in-between points. It felt great to teach for Trade School Manila and I hope you do try it out for yourself, as well. 

Wedding Seminar for TradeSchool manila

Wedding Seminar for Trade School manila

The only downside is that the classes are limited to two hours. Since my topic was quite broad, I therefore had to divide it into two phases. The first one was about building the foundation of an event and the second one involved more detailed input. I also decided to spice it up by adding family reunions, gatherings, gigs and charity events to the mix. You may also do the same or shorten your class to just one session, but whatever you do, it will definitely be a good thing for the community. 

I also made a poster announcement for my classes to make it more interesting. 

BalletBride_WeddingPlanning Seminar

When in Manila,  you are invited to learn from the masters of the community. 

Sign up and enjoy school! Or better yet, teach all of us! 🙂

Trade School Manila Logo

Trade School Manila Logo representing Barter in Zamboanga



 Trade School Manila: Interesting Classes for Less