Tra Vinh Manila: A Delicious Vietnamese Gastronomical Experience

My friends and I share the same love for food. We specifically love pizza, steaks, and burgers. However, there are times when we want to stay away from the grease and prefer fresher and healthier food choices. Luckily, we found a newly established food haven in Quezon City which offers non-greasy and delicious Vietnamese food: Tra Vinh.



A glimpse inside Tra Vinh

The owners of this Vietnamese food hub place the utmost importance on sanitation. We have heard of various food poisoning reports in the past few months and this is a concern for many. Given this assurance, I bet you will enjoy the experience much more. Bonus part: the chairs, tables, and utensils are all from Vietnam, adding even more of a Vietnamese feel to your visit.

Asian conical hat-inspired light fixture

Tra Vinh serves just the food we were looking for. Established in May this year, this Vietnamese food HQ gradually captured the heart of its visitors because of its delightful meals. And, since Vietnamese food is known for its freshness and minimal use of dairy and oil, there is no doubt how this restaurant easily gained regulars.

While this food haven offers filling and delicious noodles and salads, one must not miss their rice meals, either.


BBQ Pork Rice with vegetarian fried spring roll (P220)

This bbq pork, which was marinated with Tra Vinh’s special herbs and spices and topped with peanuts, is easy to love. The fresh veggies complement the taste of the meat and the special sauce, which Tra Vinh is proud to call theirs, gives this dish an extra boost.


Braised Beef Rice (P210)

Who wouldn’t want beef slowly cooked to perfection? With meat so tender and with well-seasoned fresh carrots and cucumber on the side, one might need extra rice for this meal. Bonus part: it is served with equally delicious soup.


Grilled Porkchop Rice (P225)

With a meal as packed as this, one might think it is too flavorful. Surprisingly, the flavors are well-balanced, though, and aren’t overpowering at. And, as with the other dishes, the meat is very tender.


Stuffed Chicken Wings (P165)


I don’t know if you have encountered stuffed chicken before, but this is easily our favorite. With a filling similar to pork spring rolls, this chicken will give you a taste of almost everything – simply divine!


Now, what’s an enticing meal without some equally yummy refreshments? Tra Vinh has that, too!
Vietnamese Iced Blended Coffee (P100)


While some people are fans of kapeng barako, some still prefer lighter blends. This coffee is just that. It is not too strong nor too sweet and it won’t make you feel like you’re close to palpitating. Each coffee drink is individually percolated, too, which makes it even more special. It’s no wonder why so many people all over the world prefer Vietnamese coffee over any other.


  Avocado Shake (P90)

I have always loved avocado shakes, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I liked this drink. Since Tra Vinh only uses fresh ingredients, this fruit shake bursts with both freshness and genuine flavor. It has avocado tidbits, too!

travinh8Guyabano Shake (P90)

I never say no to guyabano. Just like the Avocado shake (and all the other fruit shakes Tra Vinh has to offer, I suppose), this drink has real guyabano tidbits in it. This drink is so yummy, I closed my eyes after my first sip.
And of course, the last but definitely not the least: the dessert!IMG_2222

Jelly Lychee (P100)

Lychee with nata and jelly and crushed ice and coconut milk. What more could you ask for? I have five words for you: you have to try this!

The next time you plan a casual group or family date, try considering Tra Vinh as your food hub destination. Its vibes are comforting, allowing you to enjoy the moment over great food!

Tra Vinh Philippines

109 Unit 3 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Ave cor. Cordillera Ave, Quezon City
Telephone: +63 2 742 1718