‘Toy Story 4’ Will Make You Cry

Toy Story has been blessing our childhood with feel-good storylines since 1995. It has been nine years since the last movie was shown and now, our favorite gang of toys is back – and with new adventures and friends in tow!

Toy Story 4 pretty much picks up from the events of its predecessor. With such a big time gap between the two movies, it is a surprise that the people behind this movie actually pulled it off with the right storytelling and superb editing, which was vital for the story’s continuity.

Technicality-wise, what’s amusing about the latest installment of Toy Story is how precise the animated visuals are. Compared to the past few movies, you can really see how technology improved through the years with more detailed graphics. These visuals plus awesome music to accompany every scene make this movie the perfect last hurrah for the franchise… that is, if it’s true that this will be the last Toy Story movie.

Now, let’s get to the main story without any spoilers, shall we?

One thing is clear in this movie: Pixar wanted moviegoers to cry while watching this film. The most heartwarming part about watching this movie is that kids aren’t the only ones who will enjoy it. Adults who have watched these movies since they were kids will enjoy the film, too. In my personal experience during our block screening at Resorts World Manila in partnership with PMCM Management, people of all ages laughed during the comic relief scenes and cried during the numerous emotional scenes. It’s definitely a movie for everyone.

The character development of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the gang played a vital role to the storyline. Bo Peep showcased some badass feminist vibes and Jesse held the gang together well. The new characters Gabby Gabby and Forky were also smoothly introduced into the story, piecing everything together like a perfect puzzle.

What I personally loved the most, however, was Woody’s storyline. He deserved what he got just like how everyone else did. Can I also say that Bonnie is simply the cutest? I really wouldn’t mind watching another movie with her in it just so I can follow Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, and the others’ adventures, too.

If the rumors are true that Toy Story 4 is the last Toy Story movie (which they also said when Toy Story 3 came out), I am pretty satisfied with it. Everyone got their happy ending and fulfilled their purpose in life. They definitely ended things on a high note.

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