This Town in Pangasinan Has Banned ‘Chismis’ and Slaps Fines for it

The local government of Binalonan, Pangasinan has just banned gossiping, and those caught in the act will be subject to fines and street sweeping.

Binalonan Pangasinan

Source: Ramon FVelasquez, via Wikipedia

This new law was made into effect by the town’s mayor Ramon Guico who says that chismis is a “waste of time.”

“You’d think people would have something better to do,” he told The Wall Street Journal in an interview. He believes that banning rumor-mongering will improve the quality of life in his town.

He also shared that summertime is the worst time for gossiping when residents usually catch up and talk while seeking shelter from the sun underneath the trees.

This ordinance coincides with the nationwide elections to be held on May 13, 2019.

Those who wish to report people for gossiping will have to go to local council leader Jovelyn Manaois. First offense penalties range from being fined Php500 to picking up trash from the streets. According to Manaois, they “haven’t had to punish anyone for a second offense” yet.

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