Top 3 Reasons You Need A Prepaid Card In Your Life #livewithoutregrets

 Top 3 Reasons You Need A Prepaid Card In Your Life #livewithoutregrets

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When in Manila, in case you’re not familiar, prepaid cards are the newest and safest way to carry around your cash in the metro and beyond! Whether you’re on a food trip in Binondo, climbing the tallest mountains in the Philippines, exploring the beaches of Boracay or feeding your travel urges from around the world, a prepaid card can be your best friend to make sure you and your money stay safe!

We’re better able to make the most out of any situation and #livewithoutregrets if we’re able to jump right in with whatever the world throws our way.  So, make most of everyday so that in the end, we’ll find that there is nothing we didn’t try. Live without regrets!

Here are the top three reasons you need a prepaid card in your life:


1. Obsessive compulsive spending!

You know when you see street vendors selling water bottles or car rags? I totally understand that. I mean there are jeepney drivers out there or private vehicles that might be caught in traffic who may need a drink, or who may need a good rag to wipe down their car. But then again, you’ll sometimes see street vendors selling things like hat racks…. which got me really thinking…. “There are some crazy impulsive spenders out there if you’re one to buy a hat rack in the middle of a drive!”

If you’re one of those impulsive spenders then a prepaid card can help you get into a spending budget where you can spend away without worrying on spending too much! Just put in your monthly allowance and head out into the world! Now you can watch your budget and save your money as you eat out, buy plane tickets or get those new shoes you’ve been wanting!

Now you won’t have to worry about credit card bills and interest charges or spending money you don’t have. The prepaid card encourages you to spend within your means.


2. Skip the long lines

I don’t know about you, but every time I have to withdraw money here in the Philippines, there’s a crazy long line of people trying to do the same thing! I swear when I don’t need to withdraw money from the ATM there is NEVER a line, but whenever I do need money…. the line goes on for three blocks!

That’s where the prepaid card comes in handy.

You can load and swipe! The prepaid card is best used with technology! You can load it online, through your phone, or also through ATMs when there are no lines.

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3. Safety

Your prepaid card will not be connected to your bank accounts.  Thus, in case of theft or loss, your account cannot be accessed by anyone through hacking, skimming etc. You can transact with peace of mind as your card can only be used by you and it cannot be hacked into, unlike regular bank accounts.

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So there you have it! Three good reasons why you need a Prepaid Card!

Now that you’re up to speed on that, we do recommend the Metrobank Prepaid Card! Extra perks on the Metrobank Prepaid Card include:

– No maintaining balance or initial deposit required

– Extra perks at partner establishments like free desserts at restaurants or discounts at stores (promos found on

– Easy signup. Just go to any Metrobank branch with one valid ID and P100 fee for the card.

– Easy access. Swipe in 30.2 million MasterCard-affiliated establishments worldwide.

– Live without regrets


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Some partner establishments that give you extra perks when you use your Metrobank Prepaid Card include: Chelsea, Cole Haan, Hyve, Kabila, M Cafe, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Momo, Mr Jones, Perry Ellis, Rocketroom, Sip & Gogh, Skye, Stella, Terraz and Vyne (with many more to come).



Top 3 Reasons You Need A Prepaid Card In Your Life #livewithoutregrets