Top 10 Funny Christopher Lao Memes: I was not Informed




When in Manila, a lot of funny things happen on the road. Take this guy named Christopher Lao for instance. He’s put a lighter spin on the news yesterday by attempting to cross a heavily-flooded street along Quezon City. And when reporters tried to get his side, he said “…I was not informed…”. Okay, I suggest the guy visit an optometrist to have his eyes checked and get a new pair of glasses perhaps? LOL Just kidding!

Some of the Christopher Lao memes I found over the web:



































In just a day, Christopher Lao has become a trending topic in Twitter and the Tweeples have mixed reactions regarding the guy. Some say that he lacks common sense considering that he’s a suma cum laude graduate in BA Philosophy at University of the Philippines and now a student of UP College of Law. On the other hand, some empathize with him for being a victim of both traditional and new media.


How do you feel about it? Does he deserve the cyber-bullying he gets nowadays? Or should just people shut their mouths, move on and accept that everyone is capable of making a boo-boo at least once in their lives? Think about it guys.



P.S. These memes of Chris Lao keep coming up! So here’s some bonus Funny Christopher Lao Pic Memes for you guys! 







If you want to see the full Christopher Lao Floating in the Flood Waters of Manila video, then check it out here –




Top 10 Funny Christopher Lao Memes: I was not Informed



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