Toni Gonzaga and Robi Domingo Share Thoughts After Russu Laurente was Evicted from “PBB”

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Russu Laurente is the second to be evicted from Pinoy Big Brother Connect.

The housemate made news when he admitted to Kuya on January 2 that he was in favor of the ABS-CBN shutdown.

He said, “Noong hindi ko pa po talaga alam yung back story, lalo na hindi ko pa po nakikita yung gaano kalungkot yung mga kaibigan ko na nag-aartista, napabilang po ako sa mga emosyon na nakikita ko sa netizens po, Kuya, na galit na galit po sila.

[“When I didn’t know the backstory, and when I didn’t see how sad my artist friends were, I shared the emotions that I saw from netizens, that they were mad.”]

Laurented added, “And nung naramdaman ko yung mga nasa loob po ng ABS-CBN, or mga nagtratrabaho sa ABS, Kuya, na-realize ko po na mali na makihalubilo o makisabay sa mga sinasabi ng iba.

[“When I felt what the employees of ABS-CBN were feeling, I realized that it was wrong to join what the others were saying.”]

When asked why he auditioned for the show when he was in favor of the network’s shutdown, he said, “sinabi ko po talaga sa kanila nang harap-harapan na, yung mga panahon yun, hindi ko pa talaga na-realize o nalaman yung totoong sitwasyon. Hindi ko nalagay yung sarili ko sa sitwasyon ng mga taong yun.”

[“I told them face-to-face that at the time, I didn’t realize what the true situation was. I didn’t put myself in their situation.”]

The housemate was evicted the following day after getting the lowest percentage of votes. Housemates are evicted based on a combination of Kumu and text votes.

Toni Gonzaga and Robi Domingo, who host Pinoy Big Brother Connect, shared their thoughts on his eviction.

On Instagram, Gonzaga said, “Russu was evicted because of a mistake he did that eventually made him realize the damage it has done. People are very quick to judge him, call him names and crucify him on social media because of it without realizing that at 19 years old, he doesn’t know the gravity of words spoken.”

She added, “He has learned his lesson and this will help him grow and mature in life. And now that he knows better, He will do better. May this also serve as a reminder for us to not define and label a person by the mistakes they’ve committed but from how they rise up, rebuild and become a better person they are really supposed to be. I hugged the boy after the show and he kept apologizing.”

Gonzaga ended her post with, “Forgiveness is a gift everyone deserves.”

Meanwhile, Domingo shared his thoughts on Twitter.

He said, “I just want to give my utmost respect to Russu’s family, most esp his kuya, whom I got to talk to. We have to admit that something is wrong with the system… but it also gives us that opportunity to learn from each other and grow. “

Domingo also shared, “Remember, there is always hope in humanity.”

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