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Today X Future



Due to insistent public demand, I’d like to introduce to you all one of the best places to hang out in Quezon City when in Manila! If you aren’t familiar with Cubao Expo, then boy you are missing out on a lot!

I’ve been getting so many requests from my friends from the music scene as well as  readers recommending me to check out this place and have it featured on Luckily, the wonderful people behind this hip spot were so easy to coordinate with and gladly agreed to our humble request!


whenever I’m at Cubao Expo, I noticed that the Today X Future  never runs out of people!



If you are looking for a really cool place to hang-out with your friends  not only during weekends but any day as you please, then the Today X Future  would definitely be one of the very few bars which your Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger (ahem..ahem!) will recommend!


Aside from the very affordable toothsome treats and an array of not-your-ordinary cocktail concoctions, another thing I really love about the Today X Future  would be their super artsy chic boutique with really hip finds found at the 2nd floor! You gotta check this out!


Never a dull moment indeed! I’m sooooo sick and tired of those typical boring bars with overpriced food and eardrum damaging sounds and where people make so much effort just to be “in” and “be seen!” Borrrriiiinggg!!!!


Ok ok, let me show you what you should never miss when at Cubao Expo!!


 oh! it’s you!



 nice! nice!



 meet Mike and Herl!



 hats galore




 just had to buy this piece!



Night time came and so it was time for us to party!!! Today X Future has got a lot of colorful mixed concoctions to suite your every mood!


Cocktails: Vodka Cilantro, Fresh Love, My Shirota, Mango Rum, Cherry Bomb (Strong Ice + Cherry), Mersilissa Margarita — 100php each




Herl loving her Fresh Love 

voted as the best drink that night along with the Mango Rum



 Meet Yang! I heard she practically lives at the Today X Future because she’s there almost everyday!



 My personal pick–Mersilissa Margarita!



 Mango Rum– voted as one of the best drinks that night!!




Aside from the artsy hip ambiance, the  Today X Future also has a nice selection of appetizers  to keep your tummies full and yearning for more! Let’s check out their best sellers!!!


Nacho Dancers (200php)

 Crunchy nachos loaded with grated and melted cheese partnered with fresh salsa! MMmmmmmmm!!



Tofu Cigars (70php)

Deep fried to perfection! Perfect for tofu lovers like me!



Buffalo Wings (200php)

This was also a sure hit although I didn’t get to taste it! It tasted darn great it actually disappeared in an instant! LOL




The Pairs of Being Pure at Heart  (chicken heart wrapped in chicken skin) (120php)

I really felt guilty but what the heck!? It was damn good!




Grilled Pork Belly (160php)

 Now I was very impressed with this one! Really tasty! Must be a top secret marinade! Hmmm



Kula Sisig (180php)

I really must commend whoever their chef is, for doing a really great job with the dishes! Their Sisig passed my personal standard. I’m very picky when it comes to Sisig and believe me, I’ve tried a lot or versions! I believe it just lacked a bit of crunch!

 I can only say good things about this place and I don’t really need to write a novel-like review just to convince you to try it out. The fact that the Today X Future  is always packed with people is proof enough on how  great this place is! With all the other bars around, how nice it is to know that they got so many loyal patrons…there must be really something special about the Today X Future then…

… and it’s time for you to check it our yourself! See yah there!!!!


 Today X Future

31 Cubao X, General Romulo St. Cubao Quezon City

mobile: 0928 520 9102


open EVERYDAY, from 5pm to 3am




Today X Future: Bringing You The Future Today!

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