Tired of Coffee Shops? Alternate Hip Working Spaces for You in the City

Looking for a space to work in the city? Coffee shops are nice, sure, but it’s not for everyone. It can get a bit bustling, especially on peak hours. Perhaps you can give co-working spaces a shot. Familiar?

Co-working spaces involve sharing of working environment resources. Doesn’t mean you work together, though. Individuals can have independent activities and work from different organizations. You just share the space. This is particularly perfect for freelancers who just want an organized space to work. Or for a team to come together for a brainstorming. Co-working spaces are also good for students working on projects and team activities.

Co-working spaces have not yet gained much attention in the Philippines compared to other countries in Asia. Nevertheless, there are emerging ones you can check-out. Here are some:


A Space Manila

Co-working Spaces: Professional Working Environment for Students and FreelancersPhotos from www.aspacemanila.com

A Space Manila offers hourly, daily, and even monthly passes. It is located in Salcedo Village, Makati city. While they do not disclose their prices publicly, they assure their customers of cheaper rates for day passes than staying in coffee shops or restaurants.

You can enjoy the following exclusive amenities in their 200-sq. meter office space which can fit around 50 people:

  1. Wi-Fi / Internet Connection
  2. Private office suite
  3. Pantry and cooking area



Co-working Spaces: Professional Working Environment for Students and FreelancersPhotos from www.colab.ph

Launched in 2011, Co.lab also offers daily, weekly and monthly passes. Their office can house up to 40 people with 35 to 40 additional seats in their meeting rooms. Co.lab is strategically located at Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. You can avail of the following amenities:

  1. Wi-Fi / Internet Connection
  2. Free drinks such as coffee and tea
  3. Printing, scanning and copying services
  4. Pantry and common area

People may choose to drop by early in the morning, late afternoon or unlimited access. Their rates are from Php 500 (daily) to Php 7,500 (monthly).


What do you think about co-working spaces?