Tips on How To Safely Travel During the Pandemic Holiday Season

The pandemic had greatly changed the way Filipinos celebrate the holidays. Since many of us have been trying to avoid the crowds, many of us had resorted to going to the nearby provinces for some R&R and to breathe in some fresh air.

I have a 2-year old daughter, her whole childhood has basically revolved around the 4 corners of our home. So every now and then, I look for ways to get her to a different environment but do it as safely as possible.

Metro Manila is down to Alert Level 2 and more and more people are going out with the whole family. But what do you need to prepare and do while traveling especially during the holiday season when everyone is out and about.

Private Travel

There are big crowds outside especially during rush hour and the upcoming holiday season, so to avoid contact with other people, it is suggested that you travel privately or just with the people who you live with. You can rent private vans or vehicles to make sure you are only in contact with a few people.

We personally love renting a vehicle from Thrifty. They offer car and motorcycle rentals at affordable prices. Cars start at Php1,099/day while motorcycles start at Php300/day.

LYT 2367

What we loved most about them is that their vehicles follow the 12-Steps of our Thrifty Clean Guarantee to make sure each vehicle is clean and free of viruses especially for high-touch surfaces like the steering wheel, doors, and etc.

LYT 2390

Check them out here or via their mobile numbers- +63995 833 4725/+639254869713

Find Places with Strict Safety Protocols

Though there are many hotels and resorts that are already accepting guests of all ages, finding a place that has strict safety protocols is always important. For a hotel, it’s important that they clean high-touch surfaces and throroughly clean the rooms since you will be staying. For us, we are very particular with this since we will be staying at the hotel for a while and will remove our mask when we are in the room.

Twin Lakes Tagaytay is one of our favorite places to go to. Just a few hours away from Manila, Twin Lakes offer an amazing view of Taal and has all the amenities that your family would need. They sanitize each room with a UV and clean all the high touch surfaces. You can also open the windows to let in some fresh air and to see the amazing view of Taal Volcano.

Twin Lakes 9

Twin Lakes Hotel accepts guests of all ages and even pets. Just make sure you tell the registration so they can provide you a suitable room. If you are fully vaccinated, you will need to present your vaccination card upon check-in while unvaccinated guests have to get an atigen swab test that is also available on-site.

Check them out here. 

Keep Your Mask On

This is something that we all know but we have to be constantly reminded of. Whenever you are around other people, make sure that you are wearing your mask. We can never be complacent and we have to make sure that it is still the pandemic. We have to make sure that we observe minimum health standards of wearing masks, social distancing and washing your hands.

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