Timothy Scotch Clothing: Great Quality Men’s Casual and Dress Shirts

Timothy Scotch Clothing: Great Quality Men’s Casual and Dress Shirts


When looking for good quality dress shirts in Manila, you usually have to spend an absurd amount of money on an international brand, paying for the shipping costs and international taxes, or you would have to settle for a below-average-quality brand from a department store.

Finding a good shirt was almost as difficult as finding a great burrito in Manila! Which shouldn’t really be the case.

Thankfully, now I’ve been introduced to Timothy Scotch clothing! “Nothing flashy, only classy.”

Oh, and keep reading as we’re giving away five (5) shirts! 


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Timothy Scotch is an online store that sells limited edition men’s casual and dress shirts. Let me tell you that from the second you see their website and order your shirts, to the moment you receive your TS Shirts in the mail, up until the time you put on your first TS shirt, you’ll definitely be packed with satisfaction about the quality of items you just got for yourself.


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The second you receive the Timothy Scotch shirts and take them out of their plastic bags, you’ll immediately notice the fine quality of the materials they used. The shirts have a very distinct feel to them, both literally and figuratively. The shirts feel a lot thicker and the material definitely feels more genuine than other shirts you may normally get at department stores. But, the really cool part is that the shirts are literally cool! Though they feel thicker, the quality of the material is also a lot better and the shirts allow your body to breathe better in the humid tropical heat. So you’ll look cool and feel cool!


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Timothy-Scotch-Clothing-Mens-Casual-Dress-Shirts-Shirt-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-PH-1 (1)



Timothy Scotch, founded in Manila on March 2012, is a male lifestyle brand that creates stylishly slim shirts. It originated with a guy’s passion for clothing and having the perfect fit, driving him to build a brand that blends class with style – without being flashy. Just like your perfect cup of coffee.

We fashion clothes that will make a man look his best and feel confident. These are pieces that further elevates respect, boost charm, and strengthen style. This isn’t high fashion. They are shirts that you can wear everyday to any occasion. It is neither very slim nor loose, just tailored clothes that fit perfectly.

This is Timothy Scotch. Nothing Flashy, Only Classy.


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When In Manila, check out Timothy Scotch high quality shirts at very affordable prices. It’s about time you invested your money into the proper threads that will surely leave a good impression on others. Oh, and did I mention the free shipping anywhere in the Philippines?!



Also, we’re giving out Five (5) Timothy Scotch shirts!!! Just follow @WhenInManila on Twitter and tell us why we should give you a Timothy Scotch shirt! Use hashtag #TimothyScotchContest. We will pick winners on Tuesday, June 4.


1. Follow @WhenInManila on Twitter

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Numbers 2 & 3 can be combined into one tweet or more than one.  

Five (5) lucky people will win a sexy Timothy Scotch shirt of your size on June 4.

You may also nominate others to win, but they have to be following @WhenInManila to win.

Leave a comment below with a link to your entry to ensure we see it.



Congratulations to the following winners:




Email me ASAP and I will connect you with Timothy Scotch to order your shirt.Each winner gets one shirt. 


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Timothy Scotch


Tel: (0917) 892-2484 

Website: https://timothyscotch.ph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timothyscotch.ph



Timothy Scotch Clothing: Great Quality Men’s Casual and Dress Shirts


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