THROWBACK FEELS: F4 (Minus Vic Zhou) Singing Meteor Rain 15 Years Later

Let’s go back 15 years ago. I can distinctly remember pausing everything every day at 5:30 PM just to watch Meteor Garden because… who doesn’t? It was such a huge hit back then and now, 15 years later, we still have the same kilig feels for the boys of F4.

So, guys, join me as I take a nostalgic throwback. Huhu. Check them out singing Liu Xing Yu or Meteor Rain during Ken Chu’s wedding!


We missed you, Vic Zhou! This short clip of the boys singing Meteor Rain will surely give the Meteor Garden fans a major nostalgic and fangirl feels!

With three of the F4 boys already wedded and happy, that leaves just one more F4 cutie untied.

Yes, Jerry Yan, we’re looking at you. And you’re looking fiiiiine.

Who’s your favorite F4 member?