Three Unstoppable Women Who Illustrate the Power of Motherhood

Contributed by Arvin Amaro

This month, I wanted to share an interview with three moms who captured the CND SHELLAC Brand’s winning proposition, helping women (especially mothers) live unstoppable lives by keeping their nails beautiful and strong while being fully taken care of. 

Meet three outstanding and unstoppable moms who were able to juggle between work (business), personal life, and being the best mom there is. 

Kitten Zapata

CDC Shellac Three Unstoppable Women Who Illustrate the Power of Motherhood

First on the list is Wedding Essentials Publisher Kitten Zapata. I asked her about her journey and how it shaped her to become the best version of herself. “My journey has treated me well. Time and trials had shaped me to be a better person. The fight for equality is no longer my fight song. I have learned to seek balance in life, my work, and my relationships by making sure I am aligned spiritually and mentally. I make sure to take a break whenever I need one. The version of me now makes me feel good about my being a mother, a friend, a daughter, a career person, and a child of God. I am a woman, and I am unstoppable.”

Just like CND’s shade Self-Lover from The Colors of You Collection, Kitten taught us to keep a strong balance in our lives and include loving ourselves in the process.

Ailene Chua-Co

CDC Shellac Three Unstoppable Women Who Illustrate the Power of Motherhood

Next is Ailene Chua-Co, Publisher for Trend Hotspot and Business Owner of A-List & Partners Consulting Group Inc. and ALC & Partners Real Estate. I asked her how her typical day starts and what fuels her to keep moving. “I wake up every day at 7 am. Have a 15 minutes meditation before starting my day. Being a publisher and running two more companies is quite a lot to handle. But whenever I think of my Twin Daughters and how their future would be, I cannot stop. My passion to make this world a better place for them is what keeps me alive, to help contribute to the world.”

Ailene’s capacity to effectively juggle her businesses and take care of her daughters makes her a mover and shaker of this generation; her strength and stamina well reflect the perspective of this beautiful shade from The Colors of You collection. Ailene also shared her passion to make this world a better place, reminding us the empowering light grey of Change Sparker, also from the same collection. 

Charlene Panutat-Carlos

CDC Shellac Three Unstoppable Women Who Illustrate the Power of Motherhood

Finally, we have Charlene Panutat-Carlos or whom we are acquainted with as Mama Botanika. I asked her how she’s able to take good care of herself alongside taking good care of her kids and plant babies. She shared, “I am a mom to 4 kids and hundreds of plants. Being in the garden most of the day, I work with my hands and abuse them very much. I indulge in self-care by using the super yummy smelling CND Almond Hydrating Lotion and the CND Solar Oil for my cuticles!”

Mama Botanika’s brief answer made me realize that there’s still time to take care of yourself even if your hands are tied to work and kids; indeed, an inspiring unstoppable woman. 

Such an inspiring story of three different Unstoppable women whose lives embody the true strength of a Filipina Mom: loving, nurturing, and most of all a FIGHTER. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

CND’s Colors of You Collection is available in all Nail Addik branches, Cait & Ping Nail Salon, and The Nail Lounge Laoag City.