This Upcoming E.P. is About to be the Next Addition to Your Chill Party Playlist

Words by: Michaela “Mica” Acero
Graphics by: Elena Salazar

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing quite a number of young new artists and high-quality bops in the local music industry lately. Among the rising stars of the today’s OPM scene is Fern. (yes, with a period, and short for Fernando), a 17 year-old singer-songwriter-producer who is currently signed under Universal Records. Despite only being 17, Fern. is already taking the country by storm with his chart-topping hit, “Into You.” With three songs currently up on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Spinnr, and Amazon, Fern. is set to release three more in his E.P. launch.


Much like many 17-year-olds of today (myself included!), Fern. enjoys going on nights out with friends. This really reflects on his vibe-y music that makes you want to head on the dance floor. Meshing beats and chill vocals together, Fern.’s songs are recipes for success with the ongoing popularity of genres like Alternative R&B and Electropop (think Frank Ocean, Troye Sivan, and LANY). Below are the top three things you can expect to find in Fern.’s upcoming E.P.

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3. Relatable (and really catchy!) lyrics

There’s nothing quite like being 17. It’s an age of possibilities—we’re too young to be adults but too old to be called “kids.” Fern.’s lyrics revolve around some of the things teens experience at this age: heartbreak, hugots, and first loves. His lyrics also have a nice ring to them, and often repeat themselves several times throughout each track. His upcoming E.P. definitely contains songs that you and your barkada can sing (or shout) along to in a party.

2. Fre$h beats

Cool fact about Fern.’s music: he writes, sings, AND produces them! This means that all his tracks sound really fresh and youthful. Combining elements like piano sounds, echoes, and drum hits, Fern.’s songs will leave you with a sense of familiarity and newness all at once.

1. ~Chill party vibes~

You know how there are lit party songs that make you jump up and down then there are those that make you want to sway and nod your head in a cool way? Well, Fern.’s songs are more of the latter kind! For those who enjoy more chill yet boppy nights, Fern.’s music will definitely have its own space in your party playlist.

Check out Fern.’s self-titled E.P. on Spotify, iTunes,  Apple Music, Deezer, Spinnr, and Amazon. You don’t want to be late to this party experience!


Twitter and Instagram: @ferntan_