READ: 4 Local Artists You Should Be Listening to Right Now

The local music scene is booming as ever. With the overflowing talent that these young musicians have to offer, there are lots of good music out there making sure that OPM is not dead and never will be.

4. Banna Harbera

This band is known for their soulful and emotional songs. Their music is perfect for those who are currently going through something and wants lyrics that they can relate to. Check out their songs Sorrys & Goodbyes and Persistence.

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3. Autotelic

Listening to their upbeat rhythm and heavy lyrics, Autotelic makes you want to just dance the sadness in – or away. One of their most famous song is Dahilan and Laro.

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2. Ourselves The Elves

Their music is the kind that you would want to listen to during a lazy afternoon at home with a book or your pet. Try listening to Cincinnati Clocks and Uncertainly, and you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about.

1. B.P. Valenzuela

Her music is the best company during those long drives going home or when you’re feeling really lonely at 2 in the morning. Overthinking your recent life choices is better with Early/Late and Even If You Asked Me.

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Do you also listen to local artists? Share your list in the comments!

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