This UP Student visualized how it would be like to have a student portal app

Smart applications make everything more efficient since we no longer have to log in to our chunky computers to accomplish tasks. Gari Acolola, an incoming BA Sociology junior from the University of the Philippines decided to play around – she utilized her visualizations into a creative output. Through meticulous editing, she created designs of a CRS Student Portal Application in an Apple device format.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Acolola for further details.


UP CRS stands for UP Computerized Registration System. It’s like an all encompassing website for UP Diliman students. It’s basically our version of UP SAIS (which is for other UP units like UP Manila or UP Los Baños), or Ateneo’s AISIS, UST’s myUSTE, or DLSU’s My.LaSalle. Each student has a CRS account where she can view her grades, apply for scholarships, and enlist for classes during enrollment period. The website itself is a really great idea and is really very convenient, since it allows us to do official school transactions with just a few clicks.

“What I said in my Tweet was true, that initially, I just wanted to play around with Photoshop. Being exposed to hackathons and startup-related orgs, I would make mock-ups of apps or websites that were non-existent, just out of fun and curiosity.  I’d make a mental list of what features users may want, and how these imaginary apps could make life easier — then I’d translate that into my work. I’m not a coder or a professional designer, and I know I’ve got a lot to improve on, but I do think I have a lot of ideas, hahaha.


While making the imaginary CRS app, I did think that it would make the user experience so much better than it is right now. As great as our website is, like anything there is room for improvement. First of all, there is no CRS app, it’s just a website that can sometimes be inconvenient or difficult to navigate. For me it’s the little tweaks that it needs, like automatic logins, notifications, and — I know it’s very millennial — a more aesthetic, minimalist interface. But there is a lot more. I’ve got so much more in mind, and after the way unexpected feedback I got, I’m actually really hoping now that someday in the near future, this actually comes to life. I do believe that there’s so much tech and there are so many people out there who can make an app like this a reality, not just for UP students but maybe for other school websites too.

While all of this Photoshopping and idea generating was sort of just a “wala lang” thing for me, I believe we should keep up with trends nowadays, so a real legit CRS app would come in super handy for all of us students.


We’ve been so reliant on our apps, wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this too for our universities? Fixing school related matters would be a lot more convenient. (It’s a real hassle during enrolment/enlistment period for UP students, so I’ve been told.)

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