This Unli Korean Barbecue Place Serves a Wide Selection of Prime Meats

Korean barbecue has been around the metro and is continuously grabbing the hearts of Filipinos of all ages–nationwide! Generally known as “samgyupsal,” Korean barbecue refers to the popular method in Korean cuisine of grilling not just strips of pork belly (a.k.a. samgyupsal) but of meat and seafood as well.

Gen Korean BBQ House 25

Dear foodies and critiques alike, there are more reasons to come try and come back to places such as Gen Korean BBQ. Now a 2.0 upgraded version, Gen Korean BBQ still remain true to their global approach. Let us entice you with what made our spirits and bellies happier! As a Los Angeles-based brand, their menu has three categories.

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Fusion flavors

This focuses on the marinated items such as the red wine pork belly, which is a personal favorite of mine. Known as the “Belly Bunch,” the pork belly has five to six flavors (not in the photo: Hawaiian flavor).  The WIM team was able to taste (from left to right): spicy, garlic, wine, Cajun, and smoked. The pork belly slabs do look different from each other in terms of color prior to grilling, but once it’s cooked, they all look the same! Do note that it’s really in the way the pork belly was marinated! You’ll taste the distinctiveness of the marinate from each other.

Gen Korean BBQ House 7

Exotic flavors

If your palate is craving more adventurous flavors, try the Daechang or Gobchang which are ox intestines! The Daechang, pictured below, is large ox intestine marinated in sweet teriyaki sauce.

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Classic flavors

Of course, who could forget classic Korean items such as bulgogi? Literally translated as “fire meat,” bulgogi are thin beef slices marinated and grilled on a barbecue. The team was able to taste the spicy pork bulgogi, which is best paired with Gen Korean BBQ’s unlimited rice. The spicy pork bulgogi has a sticky consistency to it, with spring onion and white wine.  It’s the most underrated dish in Gen’s menu!

Funny fact though: their bulgogi was is way spicier than their kimchi. For someone who is not a fan of spicy flavors, I ate more of the kimichi. It was a refreshing feeling!

Gen Korean BBQ House 21

Gen Korean BBQ doesn’t focus on just authenticity when it comes to the taste of their meat, their entire wide selection of menu will also make you understand why they are unlike any of the other Korean barbecue restaurants you’ve tried before.

Gen Korean BBQ House

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex
(02) 541-2766 / (+63) 917-621-8249

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 11AM to 2PM for lunch / 5PM to 11PM for dinner
Weekends: 11AM to 12MN (whole day service, no closing breaks)