This son assures his safety to his mom by bringing this sign to his travels!

Worry not if your parent nags you endlessly with simple inquiries when you’re not together such as “Did you eat na?”, “Where are you?”, “How are you?” among those things – this just comes to show how much they care and think about our welfare and safety.

Facebook user Belinda Gaitano, a mother to a son named Kirby took it to social media how she allowed her son to go on trips and how “nervous she gets when he doesn’t text back”.

Out of fun, her son Kirby brought a sign that says “Ma, okay lang ako” (Ma, I’m doing okay) during his recent trip to Aurora and took photos holding it in scenic spots of Baler and Dingalan.

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She captions: “My son went on a trip to Baler and Dingalan, Aurora last week. And whenever he’s on a trip, I get so nervous when he doesn’t text me back. But for this trip, he did not only texted me back but also sent me pictures which clearly shows how he was doing. “Ma, ok lang ko!”???? ambot aning akong anak literal kaayo???? labyu nak???? (I don’t know why my son is this literal, I love you son).” 

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Belinda for further details.

She explained that as a mother, she knew by heart that when raising children, they should support their passions “as much as they can”.

“As my son grew up, I knew that his passion was to travel the world. Even when he was young, he always wanted to try different things. He’s always anxious, always living his life to the fullest, takes advantage of every situation and makes sure that his time is not wasted. He’s been to so many places and when he would ask permission from me, it would always take weeks because I’m afraid that something might happen to him when I’m not around.:

The feeling of paranoia is inevitable for Belinda.

“He can’t just scream in the middle of the forest “mom, help!” and magically I would appear beside him to tend his needs. I could always remember the time when he took his first trip without me, they were going hiking. I was so afraid because had never done anything like that before. But, if I had stopped him from going on that trip, he would never have become the person that he is right now. I could always see that he had grown so much by going to different trips. He’s more mature, more responsible, more caring to me and to his travel buddies and he’s a better person all in all. He would also bring us different pasalubong (gifts) from different places. It shows that he remembers us whenever he’s on a trip.”

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Belinda explains how she finds joy whenever her son goes on trips, also because of the assurance that her son always updates him with his whatabouts and whereabouts.

“I don’t regret allowing him to go on that [recent] trip. He never fails to tell me that he is doing fine. He would always text me and my husband about how his trip was. Texts like “Mom good morning, I’m going surfing for the next few hours, text you later” or “Mom, we reached the peak already and we’re going home tomorrow”. And with that, I feel that he is safe. When you’re a mom, and your kids are away? These kinds of texts mean a lot. Even a simple “good morning” would ease my heart of the worry that I feel. When you have a son that leaves the house for an adventure as much as my son does, even though how many times you allow him to go on a trip, a mom would never stop worrying about her child.”

“My post is a just a way for me to show how happy and proud I am of my son for making effort to tell me that he was doing just fine and that he was having another adventure of his life. Normally he would tell his experiences to me by text or by sending me the views that he was having. Like the Coral Reefs Underwater, the peak of Mt. Apo and much more. But for his trip to Baler and Dingalan, Aurora, he sent me images of himself carrying a printed placard saying “Ma, Ok lang ko!”. My husband and I laughed so hard that all our worries were gone for a while. Not only did he send me a picture of where he was, but also how well he was doing. I’m proud of my son.”

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Belinda closes with an advice as to how kids should inform their parents or guardians well regarding their what and whereabouts, especially when they’re away.

“Every kid should always have the initiative to tell their parents that they’re doing fine when they’re away from their parents. It’s  always a motherly instinct to worry for their child especially when they are not there to help their little kids.”

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