This Sleek Tracking Wall Socket Might Just Replace Your Normal Extension Cords

They say that when designing your home, you have to add up to three times the power sockets you think you need. But if you’re currently living in a house that’s already built, the usual solution to the lack of power sockets would be extension cords.

If you’re not a fan of the unsightly cables all around, here’s the next best thing: a tracking wall power socket.

tracking wall socket

Photo from Lazada

You can get this sleek and elegant tracking wall power socket from this store on Lazada.

It features up to five movable sockets which you can move across a one-meter track. They all also feature LED lights to make it easier for you to see them even in the dark.

tracking wall socket 1

Photo from Lazada

The track is also easy to install—no need to punch holes in the wall!

This tracking wall socket is a great addition to your workstation or the kitchen. It’s both elegant and very functional.

Buy this tracking wall socket here!

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