This self-taught artist creates phenomenal Van Gogh-inspired paintings

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential painters in the history of Western art. He is known for creating the iconic The Starry Night. Unfortunately, he was considered a failure during his lifetime— he was seen more of a madman rather than a talented artist. But after he died of suicide, his talent was recognized— becoming the quintessential misunderstood genius, the artist “where discourses on madness and creativity converge.”

Van Gogh has since become an inspiration to many artists and one of them is Laoag-based self-taught painter Khervin Gallandez.

Gallandez was born and raised in Laoag. He told When In Manila the story of how he got into painting— creating spectacular Van Gogh-inspired pieces.


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Trust The Process 2016 when I first painted this painting titled, “Street Light Over Laoag Riverside”. Though I had more earlier works prior to its creation, I consider this painting as a significant work of art to my career as a painter as it changed the perspective I have as well as on how I choose and execute my ideas. It was a reminder of my pure admiration to the post impressionists esp when I came to know the notable masters behind the movement. It was as if I have found a sanctuary I am comfortable with. It was also this time, when I came to perceive that it was not always the mastery of skills, and techniques that matter. It was the only means to an end. It was more on how you deliberately choose and create your concepts and finding who you really are, and how you represent yourself in the field of art. Until now, I have so many things I want to learn, and if you are reading this, trust the process, and keep creating. — #art #artist #artwork #creativeprocess #painting #paint #oil #khervingallandez #artistoninstagram #lamp #lamppost #passion #dedication #moments #instamoment #wisdom #justathought

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“My interest in art started in childhood when I used to draw and sketch on scratch papers and empty notes until I started to do portraits and hone my skill in drawing,” he started. “I only finished high school and unfortunately, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to art school. So after I graduated, I started to work for a living and to sustain my needs for art supplies also.

My struggles with being an artist didn’t stop me from my love for art, instead, I used it as a motivation to create more artworks.”


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Past 10pm. It was starting to rain. Got off from my work and travelled from Manila to Morayta to meet up with a canvas supplier for the first time. I was uncertain because the rendezvous was vulnerable to pickpockets, but I had to risk because the supplier was coming from Bulacan to deliver orders once a month. I was even more thankful because they accomodate my order even if it is not on bulk. Exhausted from eight (8) hours of work, I carried two large 3 x 2 ft canvas going home in haste. My hard-earned money was worth the wait. But, what drew my attention was, when I was crossing on the over pass, I managed to stood still and watched a melancholic view of what Morayta was that night and gave it a painterly view in my canvas. The wet road was beaming with a static deep yellow color and a mixture of umber tones reflected from the street lights, and vehicles going back and forth. Traffic, sadness and all. This might be an ordinary view to you, but for me, it was more than ordinary. It was at that moment, I realized that this is what it feels like living in the city walking alone at night, every place speaks for itself. There are so many stories that I wanted to share from my 10 months of stay, but I guess, I’ll just share it using my paintings, one painting at a time. Keep safe everyone. — “View from Morayta Overpass at Night” Oil 76.2 x 50.8 cm 2020 Sold – #art #artist #artwork #paint #painting #oil #oilpaint #morayta #overpass #nightscape #creative #artph #melancholy #brush #brushstrokes #khervingallandez #manila #urban #urbanjungle

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An Ode for Vincent. – #art #artist #artwork #paint #painting #starrynight #vangogh #homage #love #oldmaster #vincentvangogh

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He proceeded, “Determined to pursue my career as an artist, I eventually started painting. But because of unexpected circumstances and depression, it came to a point when I almost lost my desire to continue painting. Then one day, I came over to these paintings of an artist named, Vincent van Gogh. I knew about him as an artist but I never paid attention to his work before until I read about his biography. I became so interested in his letters and in his work that it inspired me to pay homage to one of the most beloved artists of all time. He was the inspiration behind my first series of paintings in 2016 that became one of the foundations of my paintings today.”

“My paintings were both inspired by the post-impressionist, and impressionist era. I am using more on oil-based mediums but I switch on watercolor sometimes. I paint landscapes, most of which are bucolic scenes here in our province, I give attention to the ordinary subjects, still life, and vintage portraits. My paintings have been exhibited here in our province and on various group art exhibitions in Manila.”

When asked why Van Gogh became an inspiration, he detailed, “Van Gogh’s determination to paint despite his illness inspired me to create Van Gogh-inspired paintings. When I read about his life, I felt his struggles and how painful the life he lived as a painter. As one of the millions who were inspired by his work, it was my idea to pay homage to the man who desired nothing but to let the people see and appreciate his work.”

If you want to get one of Gallandez’s paintings, you can visit his Facebook Page (Khervin Gallandez Art). Keep an eye out on his page to know about his exhibitions. Then, you can also contact the gallery to purchase his paintings.

Gallandez is joining an upcoming group exhibition this coming August 24 at Art Anton Gallery.

He is also open to commissions and projects. Those interested can just message me through my page or DM me on Instagram (@khervingallandez).

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