This Reusable Coffee Pod Set is A Must-Have For Espresso Lovers

If you’re someone who can’t function with coffee and is now enjoying your very own espresso machine at home, you might’ve thought about how many coffee pods you have to throw out every month. And yes, it’s definitely a lot. Fortunately, there’s now a more eco-friendly way to enjoy espresso every morning without having to add to our everyday waste.

reusable coffee pods

Photo from Shopee

This reusable coffee pod set costs less than a thousand pesos! It’s definitely worth the significant reduction of plastic waste we’d have to dispose of every day.

This 4-piece stainless steel set includes a stainless steel capsule, one tamper, a spoon, and a brush. It’s safe to use, 100% BPA Free, and made of food-grade material.

reusable coffee pods1

Photo from Shopee

It’s compatible with some of the leading brands of espresso machines. With this reusable coffee pod set, you can also enjoy brewing your favorite coffee whichever brand it may be.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your coffee nook, this reusable coffee pod set is a must-have.

Buy your own reusable coffee pod set here!

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