This Petition Urges the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival to Stop

Sign This Petition to Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival

The controversial Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival in China will be held tomorrow, and the call for it to stop is getting louder and louder. Both netizens and celebrities are calling for change and urging Chinese officials to cancel the event.

A petition has been launched by Raise UR Paw to ask Yulin, Guangxi Province Governor Chen Wu to call off the festival. The dog meat eating festival has raised eyebrows because of its celebration: eating dog meat.

According to the petition:

This brutal “Festival” involves what some call savouring the “delights” of dog meat hotpot, lychees, and strong liquor — which will increase the abduction of strays and pets and also increase the torturous and inhumane prisons of dog meat farms — places where man’s best friends are raised for such purposes — thousands of dogs will suffer, be butchered, beaten to death, skinned alive and eaten.

Time is ticking and the massive killing of dogs will soon take place, we must get our voices united and raised not just to save the lives but save the hope in humanity – to be part of a compassionate world where we all come together to stand up and speak out for all innocent life, not just the life of humanity.  If we turn away and ignore the cries/pleas of these babies, then we truly have turned away from being human”kind.”

As of posting, the petition has 2,795,258 signatures, but still needs 204,742 to complete its goal of three million signature. Even celebrities have joined the petition, including Harry Cook, Sia, Carrie Fisher, Ian Somerhalder, and Ricky Gervais.

If you want to sign the petition, you may do so by clicking this link.

What do you think? Should this festival be stopped? Share your thoughts below!