This new hobby is Bea Alonzo’s creative outlet during lockdown

Aside from raising money for COVID-19 efforts, actress Bea Alonzo also gave herself some “me time” during the lockdown.

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On Instagram, the actress shared that she started painting during the lockdown. “Trying different things in this unprecedented time.

Never even thought of painting before,” she wrote. “But I realized, arts and plants go very well together.”

The actress shared that this is a new outlet for her since she hasn’t been acting during the pandemic. She said, “Since I haven’t been acting for quite some time now because of the pandemic, I thought, I should find an outlet for my creativity. It’s nice. It makes my heart happy.”

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The 32-year-old actress has also raised money for different COVID-19 efforts. Her organization, I Am Hope, has raised over P9 million to help feed people who are affected by the lockdown.

What’s a new hobby you tried during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments!

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