LOOK: This Meat Alternative Looks and Tastes Like Actual Meat

A lot of people seem to think that eating healthy means skipping great-tasting food. That isn’t true, though. Healthy food can taste great, too – and unMEAT proves exactly that.

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unMEAT is a 100% plant-based meat made tasty from simple ingredients and brought to us by Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF). Nikki Dizon, a Senior Executive at CNPH, points out that one of the biggest concerns about plant-based foods is that they are not as delicious as real meat. As such, CNPF’s Nutrition Science team took on the challenge and came up with a meat alternative that actually looks, feels, and tastes like real meat. This is tried and tested! I made my vegetable-hating daughter try their burger patties and she had no idea it wasn’t real meat – amazing!

Moreover, unMEAT only uses simple ingredients and extracted nutrients from real food rather than synthetic compounds, so it’s healthier and more affordable. Another concern that people like me have been having is that as much as I want my family to eat healthier, healthier food tends to be in a much higher price range. unMEAT has changed this by offering affordable meat-free options. unMEAT is conveniently available on Lazada, as well!

unMEAT Burger Patties

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Buy some now for only 135 pesos!

The launch of unMEAT was driven by growing consumer demand to incorporate healthier food options into their diet, especially given the ongoing pandemic. This is evident in the shift of food trends on social media. Whereas in the past, food aficionados across the globe constantly debated on the best burgers; social media is now filled with discussions on which plant-based burger is most similar to real meat.

If that’s one of your concerns, you can rest easy knowing that unMEAT does not compromise on taste. It is just as delicious as a regular meat patty with a similar mouth-feel, making it ultra-easy for your family to make the switch to a healthier and more sustainable diet. unMEAT is a good source of fiber and protein, too. It’s also cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free.

Their burger patties aside, they also have the following products available:

unMEAT Nuggets

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Buy some now for only 120 pesos!

Hungarian Sausages

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Buy some now for only 135 pesos!


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Buy some now for only 120 pesos!

They basically have all of the foods my daughter loves to eat. This is definitely a win-win for my family as you can tell! I am so happy that it is now possible to be healthy while enjoying what we eat at home with the help of 100% plant-based unMEAT.


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Instagram: @unMeat.ph

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