This Lovely Café in QC Serves All-day Breakfast and Heartwarming Stories

Article by Hannika Santos
Photos by Lisa Marie David
Graphics by Gian Ferrer

It was with eager anticipation that we headed towards Stories by LilyPad along Times St., West Triangle. The promise of an interesting backstory urged us on.

Stories by Lilypad Origin

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3122

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3123

The café is the ancestral home of one the owners, Angel Tangco. She reminisces, “I had so many good memories of this house, especially how my grandparents loved to host get-togethers with family and friends. It was a constant stream of lunches, dinners, and parties. As we all moved away, I always felt a certain nostalgia for those good old days. One afternoon, I visited the house and looked on it with melancholy as it stood empty. At that moment, Gigi de Jesus, my partner, had the bright idea of turning it into a cafe. I immediately knew it was the answer to how I can preserve and continue the legacy of warmth and family my house was known for.”

Original House 1

Original House 2

Photos of the old house during the 1970s

The decor, a blend of previously owned original pieces from the 1970s and bespoke accessories, makes one instantly feel Stories’ welcoming atmosphere.

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3241

With such a familial origin, it is no wonder that the place is conducive to pleasant conversations and homey experiences.

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3134

The fountain of ceramic mugs, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, enhances the feel-good vibe of the garden area.

They are sentimental pieces from their close friends and family.

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3117

The café’s function room, with its high ceiling and retro furniture, is also equipped with a 50-inch LED TV, which lends a casual but professional ambiance. It can accommodate up to 20 persons, perfect for company meetings/presentations and intimate gatherings.

Original House 3

Coming from a family with epicurean passion and who, for years, was involved in the food service industry, Gigi naturally brought in homegrown inspired original recipes.

It was amazing to learn that the dishes have origins as well. So without further ado, let’s get to the dishes!

Stories by Lilypad Menu

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3183Godofried Chicken – 298 php

The popular Godofried chicken is named after Gigi’s dad, Godofredo, who taught her the secret of cooking this special brand of crispy chicken. This method, combined with Gigi’s recipe and unique dip, makes it one of the most sought-after items on the menu.

Stories by LilyPad West Triangle Quezon City 3179JaKoThai Rice – 310 php

This dish is inspired by Japanese, Korean, and Thai flavors. On a stormy day, the owners were stuck at home and had to survive with the ingredients available in the pantry. Gigi whipped up their “survival food”, what is now known as Jakothai Rice.

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