This Infinity War Pinoy Version movie posters will make you LOL!

With the third Avengers movie coming up this April 25 (April 27 in the US), we can’t help but feel extra excited to see many of our favorite┬áMarvel characters altogether in one screen! Of course, with the hype coming around nowadays from teasers – clips, photos and other forms of media alike, one netizen couldn’t help but try to imagine the Infinity War characters as Filipinos with his genius photo editing skills.

Mickey Hernandez took his ideas online. He shared it on his Facebook account, gaining likes, shares and comments from netizens alike for his cleverness (and some, uncanny resemblances for the corresponding Filipino celebrities and Infinity War characters.)

Christopher de Leon (Iron Man/Tony Stark)

Dagul (War Machine/Jim Rhodes)

Willie Revillame (Hulk/Bruce Banner)

Robin Padilla (Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes)

Vhong Navarro (Spider-man/Peter Parker)

Manny Pacquiao (Captain America/Steve Rogers)

Maine Mendoza (Black Widow)

Hernandez confesses that he is a Marvel fan. “I’ve been reading comics din, kaya it’s really fun to see it sa movies.”

“I’m an artist, so I do it in my free time to have fun with my friends online.┬áActually, I was really just waiting for the number coding to end. I noticed Wong (from Doctor Strange) had a resemblance with Jimmy Santos, haha. So I tried to put his face on it, then the others followed. I just wondered how Pinoys would be like if they were the Avengers. Haha!”

Ian Veneracion (Doctor Strange)

Chokoleit (T’Challa/Black Panther)

Atom Araullo (Thor)

Anne Curtis (Mantis)

Liza Soberano (Scarlet Witch)

Vic Sotto (Star Lord/Peter Quill)

Jimmy Santos (Wong)

We asked him if the featured celebrities have seen his work, and Hernandez says that some of his friends have sent the one’s of Atom and Anne to them.

“I’m not sure if they’ve seen it, honestly. All these posters were really just for fun, I wasn’t really expecting it to go viral.”

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Disclaimer: does not own any of these photos above. Credits go to Mickey Hernandez.


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