This Heartwarming Story Between A Blind Dog And His Best Friend Will Make Your Day

We truly don’t deserve dogs. These beautiful canines have the innate ability to teach us humans the beauty of unconditional love, friendship, and acceptance in the purest way.

Photos by Sam Beltran

Kimchi and Ginger are two adorable dogs owned by couple Eric and Thea Suguitan, and as chance would have it, the two pups have found a true friend for life in one another.

L-R: Kimchi, Ginger, and T-Bone

I came across Eric and Thea in the middle of their usual Saturday stroll along Ortigas, who had Kimchi, Ginger, as well as their golden retriever T-Bone in tow. The dogs were in a good mood, looking in great shape and were cheerful and friendly to the passersby who were obviously struck by their lovable appearance.

Kimchi, a King Charles Cavalier breed, is totally blind — but that does not stop him from going on fun adventures thanks to Ginger, who guides Kimchi wherever they go while bound by a leash. While they may now live blissfully in the company of one another, Kimchi’s past was more tragic.

Eric Suguitan with Kimchi and Ginger

Kimchi was found wandering alone along the streets of Alabang during a storm in July 2012, cold, wet, starving, mangy, and flea-infested, until volunteers from CARA Welfare Philippines spotted him and took him under their care. While his condition did improve significantly under CARA’s wing, his eyesight continued to deteriorate. By 2013, he was already 80%-90% blind.

Yet as chance would have it, Eric and Thea visited the CARA shelter in hopes of adopting an aspin after attending an adoption event earlier. Things, however, didn’t go to plan. Eric and Thea brought Ginger along, who was not very sociable with other animals and hated the aspin at first sight.

“Ginger rejected all the other dogs, until we came across Kimchi”, Thea shared. For the first time ever, Ginger had immediately taken a liking to Kimchi. And similarly, Kimchi never wanted to leave Ginger’s sight.

How Ginger became Kimchi’s guide was purely an accident. On his first time outside his new home, Kimchi was leashed to Ginger so he wouldn’t wander off, and Ginger just naturally guided Kimchi along. Nowadays, the two never leave each other’s side, always tethered to each other when they’re out in public places.

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The pair’s story caught the attention of the animal welfare scene, and then of other personalities as well. Kimchi and Ginger have been featured in magazines, and most recently, on ABS-CBN’s Matanglawin.

Eric and Thea eventually signed on to CARA as volunteers, with Eric becoming a CARA spokesperson, frequently giving talks on responsible pet ownership.

Kimchi and Ginger live in a happy, loving household, in an apartment full of other sibling cats and dogs. It was definitely a family made to find one another. As Thea puts it, “It was as if Ginger chose Kimchi, and Kimchi chose the family.”

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