This guy tried to ‘refrigerate’ his drink with an aircon, this is what HAPPENED!

We tend to experiment with the most mundane ways to keep us cool and hydrated in this heat.

Romeo-Luis Ramirez shared on his Twitter account how he tried to refrigerate his drink since there were no means to do that in his office.

“Kung walang ref sa opis, lalamig ba ang inumin kapag nilambitin sa tapat ng aircon? Kung oo, gaano ka tagal?”

(Rough translation: If there’s no refrigerator in the office, will the drink get cold if it’s hung in front of the aircon? If yes, how long?”)

Ramirez is a pharmacist by profession and works as a research assistant at the Institute of Pharmaceutical science at the UP National Institutes of Health.

“I always rush in the morning to beat Manila traffic. Oftentimes, I fail to eat breakfast at home. Before going straight to the office, I pass by a bakeshop first to buy 2 egg pies, then walk across the street to buy 1 bottle of soya milk at a convenience store. It was already 2 pm that day when I realized that I forgot to drink my *supposedly chilled* soya.”

Photo from Romeo-Luis Ramirez

Ramirez realized that since there was no refrigerator in the office, he thought of using the aircon to chill his drink.

I grabbed a foot of scotch tape on the overhead shelf, wrapped it around the bottleneck of my soya, and left the whole thing hanging from the curtain blinds as seen in the picture.

My null hypothesis was my drink couldn’t be cool again when directly placed in front of the aircon for some time. On the other hand, my alternative hypothesis was, my drink could be cool again like what it was when I bought it in the morning.

Voila! After an hour of waiting that afternoon, I tried drinking from the bottle and observed a change in temperature, however not that significant. Only in my second hour of waiting, I can convincingly say to myself, “my drink is already cool enough to quench my thirst!” I bet this strategy isn’t new to some. For sure, others will only have to spend few minutes of waiting as long as the thermostat is set to maximum, and the master control is on “high cool”. In my case, I opted not to set the aircon’s settings to its fullest since I didn’t want my workmates and I freezing inside the office.

Photo from Romeo-Luis Ramirez

Needless to say, Ramirez’s experiment was successful.

“The aircon can make your warm drinks cold again!”

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