This Filipino Earned P500K in 1 Month From Forex Trading. Here’s What Happened.

Foreign exchange trading, or forex trading, can be a subject matter that’s challenging to learn and master. However, these ordinary Filipinos have proven that forex trading can actually be easy to understand and be such a lucrative alternative means of earning an income.

Ahead, we have shared the inspiring stories of these Filipino traders on how they seized the opportunity to pursue a profitable career in forex trading and how, with the right mindset and the best education from a trusted trader, anyone can write their own success story in forex trading.

Joyce Crisostomo, 40, owner of condo rental business

joyce crisostomo

Joyce Crisostomo’s story is a unique one that could inspire many who have gone through the same experience as she did. An owner of condominium unit rentals, Joyce wanted to distract herself from a broken heart by entering the world of forex trading.

“It turns out na sobrang ganda ng kinalabasan. Naka-move on na nga ako, may pera pa ako!” she shared with

“Yung experience ko sa training, sobrang happy ako. Very comfortable ako kung paano magturo si Coach Ferdie kasi napakasaya din niyang magturo,” she continued. “Very natural lang. Hindi ka nga mahihiyang magtanong ng mga questions sa topic na hindi mo maintindihan kasi ang galing niya mag-explain.”

After enrolling in Coach Ferdie’s program and starting her trades with an investment of USD 2,000 (PHP 110,633), Joyce was able to earn exactly USD 8,822.44 (PHP 488,026.50)—almost half a million in just ONE MONTH! Joyce was so happy with the initial profits that she shared it on social media.

“Very [appreciative din ako sa] Money Machine [strategy] na na-create ni Coach Ferdie. Naaapply ko siya in my every day [trades]. Eto yung strategy na very easy, simple, at talagang effective para sa akin as a beginner. Feel ko nga ATM ako lagi eh kasi every day may win ako sa pagte-trade ko!”

Her biggest flex, though? That the ex who broke her heart subsequently got inspired to enroll in Born2Win Philippines too.

“Before, kung brokenhearted ako, ngayon buo na ako. Mas marami na akong naging plano at pangarap sa buhay ko. Yung attitude ko, yung character ko… mas nag-improve at mas nakita ko yung potential ko,” she added.

Joyce is a testament to turning one’s downfall into a source of motivation. As Joyce learned from Coach Ferdie, “Success is the best revenge!”

Amelia Apolinar, 59, Certified Public Accountant

amy apolinar

After Amy Apolinar resigned from her job working in one of the biggest banks in the country last July, she was immediately introduced to the world of forex trading by a friend who had just enrolled in Coach Ferdie Pabalan’s program. At first, Amy was skeptical about it considering all the “horror stories” she’s heard, but with the encouragement of her friend, she attended Coach Ferdie’s free introductory webinar and subsequently got intrigued.

“Noong nag-attend ako, something touched me kas parang napaka-inspiring noong webinar, lalo na yung mga videos na pinakita ni coach. Tapos nung nagstart nang [magturo] si Coach, parang napakadali,” she expressed in an interview with “Actually, noong nag-sign up ako [sa program], I attended another group of forex traders… pero wala eh, mas naintindihan ko ‘yung kay Coach Ferdie. Parang mas masaya kay Coach Ferdie, mas lively, hindi ka maiinip, hindi ka mabobore kasi hinahaluan niya ng mga personal na kwento niya na makaakarelate ka rin.”

Since enrolling in Coach Ferdie’s program in February 2023, Amy has earned as much as USD 1,036 (PHP 57,270.60) in one day while averaging USD 300-400 (PHP 16,584 – 22,112) every other day.

She plans to master forex trading to the point that she can officially let go of her day job and have more time for herself and her family and still earn money.

“Sa mga nag-aaspire maging forex traders, Born2Win Philippines is the right [place to learn]. Madali siyang intindihin basta ifa-follow mo lang yung mga turo ni Coach [Ferdie] especially yung turo niyang lagi kong tinatandaan: ‘Don’t be greedy,’” she said.

Jefferson Apolinar, 40, Senior Financial and Management Accountant

jefferson apolinar

Jefferson Apolinar, the brother of Amy, also attended the program at the same time as her, from the sunny coasts of Melbourne, Australia where he has been living for the past 9 years. He admitted that he had no prior plans to get into forex trading until he was roped into it by one of Coach Ferdie’s students.

“I’m always looking for opportunities to earn money as my other source of income especially with the global inflation and the cost of living significantly increasing here in Australia. I needed an extra source of income to be able to pay the monthly amortization of a property I acquired here,” Jefferson shared with “My friend told me about Born2Win Philippines and his mentor, Coach Ferdie Fabalan. He told me to attend the free introductory training just to get an overview of forex and Born2Win. At first, I was skeptical but [knew I had] nothing to lose so I attended the free webinar.”

“Born2Win is not just only a school on how to learn to trade. Mas binibigyan ng emphasis ni Coach Ferdie on how to manage the risk, [how to have] discipline on how to trade, and the proper framework. You have to stick to the strategy in place so you always have a basis on when to put your trades. Needless to say na super galing ni Coach Ferdie magturo. The session is so lively dahil sobrang napapadali niya ang mahirap na topic and he is very detailed to ensure that every one of us in the class will understand the topic and no one is left behind.”

Jefferson also spoke about how his batchmates have become like family to him where they all support each other’s wins and help each other with different strategies to become more successful with their trades. He then expressed how forex trading as an additional source of income has improved the quality of his life, not only by helping ease the burden of the rising cost of living in Melbourne but also by allowing him to pay for his property investments while he uses his salary to pay for his utilities.

Since joining Coach Ferdie’s program in February, Jefferson has achieved as much as USD 650 (PHP 35,914) in one day while earning USD 100-150 (PHP 5,525 – 8,288) on average.

“You should learn forex trading with Coach Ferdie because … hindi lang forex trading yung tinuturo niya kundi tinuturo niya yung tao na magkaroon ng right discipline, maging patient, [and] how you’re going to apply yung right attitude hindi lamang sa pagfo-forex trading kundi sa iba’t ibang bagay na rin,” he said. “Ang forex trading naman, kikita ka diyan whether you buy or you sell. So dapat patient ka lang lagi at the same time dapat marunong ka mag-manage ng risk.”

Kim Rivadeneira, 30+, proposal manager and freelancer


Kim has always been interested in trading but never really pursued it until she came across Born2Win Philippines where she eventually decided to join the program. As a beginner with no knowledge of forex trading, she was pleased to discover just how easy Coach Ferdie made it to understand and how much effort Coach Ferdie gave to answer every single question.

Kim pointed out that she was juggling being an employee and having four freelance jobs, giving her no time for her family, herself, and her friends. She stressed how starting to trade forex improved the quality of her life, now able to let go of some of her freelance jobs, go on out of town trips with her family, and gain friends after achieving her time and financial freedom.

Currently, the highest she’s earned is USD 590+ (PHP 32,599) in a day. Kim admitted to that her goal is to make forex trading her primary source of funds so that she can finally resign from her stressful work situation and have time for herself.

Kim recommends those interested in learning forex trading to do so with Born2Win Philippines where it’s all an enjoyable and educational experience. “Napakasolid yung support nila para sa mga students, sa mga enrolees. Atsaka napakadaling intindihin ng mga strategies at lessons. Di ka talaga nila papabayaan. Kahit graduate ka na, nandiyan pa rin sila [at] gina-guide ka pa rin nila. Kung may mga questions ka, tutulungan ka pa rin nila.”

“Siguro yung iba natatakot kasi akala nila kailangan nila ng malaking puhunan, [pero] hindi naman. Kumbaga kung maliit lang yung puhunan mo, syempre one step at a time lalaki at lalaki rin yan,” she added.

Chris Ramos, 48, house husband


Chris Ramos is a husband and a father who quit his job five years ago but knew that he was still far too young to retire. He then began his search for an alternative means of making money that he can just do at home so that he can devote most of his time to caring for his wife and kids.

He eventually learned about Coach Ferdie’s forex trading classes and knew that it was suitable to what he needed at the moment: an alternative source of income that he can do on his own time without leaving the house. And after joining the January batch, Chris has already earned as much as USD 560+ (PHP 30,942) in one day.

Chris shared that forex trading has taught him so many things beyond the subject matter, such as having the discipline, patience, and fortitude not to give up. “‘Pag ginusto mo, gawan mo ng paraan,” he said. “As Coach Ferdie has taught us during day 1 of trading, ‘pag bumagsak ka, learn from it, get up, then move forward.’”

Now, he feels that he has made his successful rags-to-riches story worth sharing with others, and he credits it all to Coach Ferdie and Born2Win Philippines.

“Coach Ferdie is really doing wonders when it comes to teaching people about forex,” he said.“He would teach you the basics but at the same time he will teach you how to do it on your own.”

“[Kay Coach Ferdie], hindi mahirap magtanong during training and after [when we’re] live trading na. Hindi mahirap i-approach si Coach Ferdie. Mararamdaman mo yung teacher-student relationship pero hindi siya yung teacher na parang terror. Napaka-open niya,” he added.

His message to fellow Filipinos interested in becoming a profitable forex trader: “Think big, start small. If you don’t take that step, nothing will happen. If you don’t grab the opportunity, nothing will happen. Once you’ve taken that first step, you have to put in the dedication and your heart into it.”

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