This Attractive Guy Selling Rice Will Make You Buy a Sack or Two

Netizens are quick to discover people and turn them into instant Internet sensations. Case in point: Carrot Man, Jeepney Man, Garbage Man, just to name a few.

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Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt adding this cute guy selling rice spotted by “Pinoy Bae” Facebook page.

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A Facebook page called “Pinoy Bae” shared a few photos of this “bae” from Quezon City. According to the page, the good-looking rice dealer’s name is Charlon Untalan. I turned my “investigative” hat on and apparently found that he’s appeared in several commercials and advertisements for big brands.

In fact, he appeared in Jollibee commercials, which captured the hearts of everyone on and offline. His charisma, humble-looking aura made him look more loveable and presentable.

Either way, he captured the hearts of the Netizens because of his charming looks.

Could he be the next Internet sensation? Or he already is?

Tag your friends who need to buy rice tonight!