LOOK: Do you think he got what it takes to be the Philippines’ Next Top Model?

It looks like people are now on the look out for some “real” beauty and talent online. When CarrotMan dominated the Internet before, a lot of gorgeous men and women followed like Badjao girl, JeepneyMan, BagMan, just to name a few.

badjao girl

Rita Gaviola stuns on her first ever photoshoot. She looks like a pro here, doesn’t she?

Speaking of being a pro, another set of photos have gone viral. This time, it’s how the photographer captured his best “modeling shot!”

Man poses like a pro

Perfect timing and model for a concept like this.

Photos were shared by Random Photos Facebook fan page. As the name implies, the page shares random photos that are newsworthy or entertaining.

man poses like a pro

Kudos to the photographer for capturing a nice shot.

man poses like a pro

Pak, ganern! (It’s a Filipino internet expression for “Boom, that’s how you do!”)

With his close to perfect poses, impeccable projections, dramatic facial expression, and great radiance, no doubt he will also become famous and could be another model in the making.

Does anyone know his name or where he lives? We would love to meet you in person!

How about you, do you think he got what it takes to be the Philippines’ Next Top Model?