This Adorable Hit & Run Dog With Only 3 Legs Needs A Loving Home

When In Manila, or anywhere else, we must remember that animals are those who are more in need of our help and care because they cannot fend for themselves. Most of the time, these creatures rely on humans for their health and survival. This is why when I read about instances of animal abuse, it makes me furious. I can never understand why a person would knowingly hurt a poor, defenseless creature.

We, humans, are best capable of helping animals in need. This is because we have the intellect and capacity to do so. Think about it, if we don’t, who will?

One animal in need of such help is three legged dog Baninay who was the victim of a hit and run, Foster parent Carina Suarez is looking for a loving home for the sweet dog.

Full text:

FOR ADOPTION ( I know we will have close to zero takers)
Done bathing 3-legged Baninay.
She is a hit and tun victim reported in the morning and as no help was coming and ut was already evening, I decided to rescue and bring him to the vet. She has crushed and mangled legs and it can’t be saved. After 2 vets and confinement she has been staying with me.
A case that adoption will almost be impossible, I knock on the doors of animal lovers who will open their doors for sweet and brave Baninay.

For those who’d like to help, you can contact Carina Noralyn Suarez.