ThinkBIT Events is Cutting Lines in the Event Registration Process

ThinkBIT Events is Cutting Lines in the Event Registration Process

When in Manila, event organizers and guests can now enjoy on-site event registration sans the hassle. ThinkBIT Solutions Phils. Inc. has recently launched their event registration app, ThinkBIT Events, which aims to revolutionize on-site event registration for better event experiences.


The traditional way of doing guest registration is usually the least enjoyable part of an event because of

  • long queues,
  • cramped registration table, and
  • too much effort in manually writing down information.

With ThinkBIT Events, guest registration can now be done in style and a whole lot of class. Guests only need to key in their details in a tablet (much faster than manually writing down their details on paper!) and the system automatically checks them in. Organizers can get the database of all the registered guests, along with provided details and even the timestamp. This database can also be used for raffle draws during the event program. Because it has gone digital, ThinkBIT Events improves common struggles like reading messy handwriting, losing information sheets, sorting out incomplete fill-outs, and encoding manual data. Perfect for both small and large events!

Events have become one of the most powerful marketing tools that improves the branding of a company. Jedd Lim, Co-Founder and CEO of ThinkBIT Solutions, believes that ThinkBIT Events is the answer to every event organizer’s nightmare because apart from establishing great first impressions, the app provides a better experience to both event guests and organizers by reducing human-error, improving branding, and ensuring faster registration queues.


ThinkBIT Events is highly customizable based on the needs of an event. Features like instant name tag printing, pre-registration website development, signature capture, and QR code scanning are additional features that may be integrated, all aligned with the event’s branding elements.

Because of its advanced technology, ThinkBIT Events has also made it possible to conduct real-time data reports even for events conducted simultaneously in several locations.


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