These Water Bottles and Tumblers Will Keep You Hydrated This Summer

This summer, it’s crucial to look after your body, especially with the rising temperatures and the harsher sun. We’re not just talking about sunblock and umbrellas. We all have to stay hydrated at all times!

If drinking water constantly is a struggle for you, maybe these water bottles and tumblers will help. Not only will you have drinking water with you at all times, but you’ll also reduce waste from disposable water bottles.

Check out some of our picks for water bottles and tumblers you should have this summer:

tyeso tumbler

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10. This double-wall insulated tumbler trended all over the internet because of its design and function. Those who tried this tumbler were quick to showcase how ice cubes can last for a whole day in this tumbler. Buy this insulated tumbler here!

motivational bottle

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9. This 2-liter pastel-colored water bottle will help motivate you to finish the whole bottle within the day. It features cute motivational quotes with time markers that will help you stay hydrated all throughout the day. The adorable colors are a huge bonus, too. Buy this 2-liter motivational water bottle here!


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8. This insulated flask from DRNK features a wide mouth to make it easier for anyone to refill and drink. You can also get interchangeable lids with either a built-in straw or a just normal lid. It has an easy-grip handle to make sure that it stays with you throughout the day. Buy DRNK’s insulated flask here!

collapsible bottle

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7. Don’t like the bulk in your bag when your bottle is empty? This collapsible water bottle from Hydrofold is for you. Made out of silicon, this water bottle can easily be folded into a smaller item that’s just as big as a coaster. It’s definitely a must-have for your upcoming travels. Buy this collapsible water bottle here!


Photo from Lazada

6. Looking for a high-quality mug that you can use when you’re back in the office? This stainless steel mug from Acqua will make sure that your drinks stay hot or cold throughout the day. It even includes a lid to prevent unwanted spills, and it comes in a variety of cute colors. Buy Acqua’s stainless steel insulated mug here!

klean kanteen

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5. If you want something sleek and space-saving in your bag, this slim tumbler from Klean Kanteen is a great option. It’s just a straightforward cylinder bottle that’s easy to slip into your bag. Plus, it features a cafe lid to prevent spills when drinking. Buy Klean Kanteen’s slim tumbler here!

glass tumbler

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4. This glass water bottle is a great option if you want something extra classy. When it comes to elegance, you can’t go wrong with anything glass. This tumbler includes a silicone protective sleeve that helps with your grip and it also comes with a straw and a bamboo lid. Buy this glass water bottle here!

tea infuser bottle

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3. If you’re a fan of freshly brewed tea and you want a bottle that can be used for teas, this water bottle with a built-in tea infuser is perfect for you. This bottle is made out of glass and has a small compartment where you can add your loose leaf teas or dehydrated fruits for that extra health boost in your water. Buy this infuser water bottle here!


Photo from Lazada

2. This travel coffee tumbler is a must-have if you’re one who needs to have (hot or iced) coffee at all times. Its insulation will keep the temperature of your drink throughout the day. Of course, once you’ve finished your coffee for the day, it’s also a great container for your water needs. Buy this insulated travel cup here!

2in1 tumbler

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1. This 2-in-1 tumbler is a great way to remind yourself to drink water when you’re used to coffee, juices, or sodas. This tumbler has a divider right down the middle so that you can enjoy two drinks from just one container. It’s space-saving and multifunctional! Buy this dual tumbler here!

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