These Super Moon Posts by Filipinos Are Super Funny!!

Last November 14, the world witnessed Luna at its brightest in the past 68 years, and we all know what happens during a historic event such as this—all sorts of tweets and photos sweep over our timelines like an avalanche.

Well, if you think you’ve seen it all, think again.

We all know how creative and funny Filipinos are, so, naturally, we were already expecting that these would happen.

Check out this compilation of some of the funniest super moon posts that will make you say, “HAY NAKO, MGA PINOY TALAGA” <3 <3 <3

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Di mo gets?? Go lang, bes. Give it mga 5 minutes.

8. Paint skills level 999

Ganda nung details!!!

7. Guess what?

Clue: starts with the letter P

6. Guess what version 2


Eto naman starts with the letter F

5. Tita, wag kang epal!

Which reminds me: huhuhu lapit na ng pasko, ready na ba kayo, friends??

4. Uy wait ang sakit??

3. Hahahaha OOOPS

2. HU U??

Hi p0h e2 bagU k0ng roAming.,.


Kasi honestly, eto nalang talaga ang tanging nagpapaliwanag ng buhay ko.

What were your favorite super moon jokes? Share them with us!