These Stylish Weatherproof Bags Are Perfect for the On-The-Go Filipina

With the erratic weather we’ve been experiencing these past months, it’s a must to bring around a bag that can withstand both the sweltering sunny days and the pouring rains, while still looking stylish.

For this very reason, I took the weatherproof bags from Crisan’s Rainy Day Collection for a spin on a particularly humid afternoon.

Crisan Bags 2

Brianne Slingbag in Olive Green

Crisan Bags are perfect for the Filipina on the go. They come out with quality and trendy bags that are both stylish and practical.

With their Rainy Day Collection, you never have to worry about ruining these bags because its water-resistant material allows them to withstand the wettest or driest of weather. Whether you’re a student or a young professional, Crisan Bags can make long daily commutes a breeze!

Crisan bags 3

Emilia Slingbag in Cerulean Blue

What I also love about these bags is how much space they each have even with their small size. I can put in all my essentials and organize them with all the different compartments. It’s because of this that makes these bags so travel-friendly.

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They also put out a new Back to School collection too—just in time for the new school year!

Crisan Bags 1

Isla Backpack in Chestnut Brown

If you’re looking for useful and stylish bags that are affordable, quality, and are tailored to your on-the-go lifestyle, Crisan Bags are worth checking out.