These Layered Necklaces Will Make You Look Effortlessly Chic

What’s better than wearing one simple necklace on your neck? Layering multiple necklaces for an elegant and stylish look! If you want to achieve that effortlessly chic look using just your accessories, you don’t have to buy a ton of necklaces and hope that they match well in layers.

These layered necklaces from Lazada will save you time and money while making your outfit look extra stylish.

simple layer

Photo from Lazada

6. This simple layered necklace features thin chains with just a single pendant on each layer. It only has two layers, making it minimalistic yet subtly elegant. This simple layered necklace is perfect for a lot of looks—from casual outfits to even formal wear.

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pearl choker

Photo from Lazada

5. This pearl choker layered necklace gives off a more feminine vibe, especially with the pearls and the dainty heart pendant on a golden chain. It’s the perfect necklace for summer sundresses and floral outfits.

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chain necklace

Photo from Lazada

4. If you want something more clunky and heavy-looking on your neck, this chain-inspired layered necklace is a unique option. It’s got quite a number of layers, and the chain-looking necklace with the lock pendant add so much character to this piece. It’s definitely a tasteful look to try.

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pearl chain

Photo from Lazada

3. This pearl-chain layered necklace is also a piece with a huge personality. It combines the femininity of the pearls, with the edginess of the chains, and the distinct character of the gold pendant necklace, and it creates such a different look!

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moonstar necklace

Photo from Lazada

2. If you love jewelry inspired by celestial bodies, this moon-and-star layered necklace is for you. It features a beautiful crescent pendant and a number of star pendants hanging off one chain. It’s like you’re wearing the starry night sky on your neck.

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punk layered necklace

Photo from Lazada

1. This layered necklace is an edgier option if that’s the look you’re aiming for. It features a chain necklace with a combination of pendants that give off a punk vibe. This necklace will instantly add a unique touch to any casual outfit.

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Which layered necklace is your favorite? Share it with us!

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