These Keyboard Cups Will Keep You Hydrated At Your Workspace

I’m sure that with more than a year of remote work, we’ve gotten attached to our home computers and laptops. Who wouldn’t after months of being together for up to 8 hours a day? If you want to incorporate computers and tech stuff into other parts of your house, you’re definitely going to love these cups from Shopee.

These keyboard cups are perfect for computer geeks who just can’t get enough of technology!

Photo from Shopee

It features the CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys from the keyboard, and it includes a circuit board-style tray for an easy and stylish storage option.

People would definitely love seeing oversized keyboard keys on your workstation.  The fact that they double as cups and/or small bowls are a huge bonus!

Photo from Shopee

Keeping these keyboard cups right by your workstation will definitely keep you reaching for a drink and get you hydrated for the rest of your workday.

Buy this keyboard cup set here!

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