These Instagram Babies are So Cute That They Will Make You Go ‘Awww”

Meet Mr. Big, an adorably tiny French Bulldog, and his equally adorable baby sister.

For quite some time, I have seen their cute antics light up my Instagram feed. Sometimes, they appear to me as candid photos and sometimes as colorful digital illustrations. Every day that I see their post is a treat and a breath of fresh air. The photos and cartoons depict the simple everyday thoughts and moments of Mr. Big and Baby.

I especially love the komiks. They’re so funny! Heru, the artist, has turned the antics of these adorable babies into wonderful and quirky illustrations.

According to the babies’ mom and big sister, they hope that with their Instagram feed “they will be able to share the bond between pets and humans and how easily we can reciprocate love and joy. Our aim is to connect with our friends (furry and human) and put a smile on their face from our simple daily antics.”

I have a feeling that Mr. Big and Baby will soon be taking over Instagram. Watch for it. In the meantime, follow their Instagram and get your daily dose of ‘heartwarming funny.’

Follow Mr. Big and Baby at @bigandbaby1.

You can find more of the artist’s works at @heruajijaladara.

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